Which kit is best for me?

We offer 4 kits: The Weight Loss Kit, The Summer Body Kit, the Meal Replacement Bundle & The Breakfast Bundle.

Here, we highlight the key differences between the 4.

The key different between the Weight Loss Kit and Meal Replacement Kit is that the Weight Loss Kit comes with Hunger Fix tablets whereas the Meal Replacement Kit comes with the Breakfast shake. They both contain: Sculpting Protein, shaker bottle and HotSlim. The Meal Replacement Bundle is the only bundle to offer the Nutribuddy Mug.

The Summer Body Kit also contains the Sculpting Protein, shaker bottle and HotSlim. BUT instead of having to choose between the Hunger Fix (in the Weight Loss kit) and Breakfast shake (in the Meal Replacement Bundle), it contains both of them! This is our largest kit.

The Breakfast Bundle contains all things breakfast: Breakfast shake, shaker bottle and instant porridge.

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