My stainless steel scoop has become discoloured and/or rusty. What do I do?

Our scoops are with stainless steel, a material that benefits from some TLC from time to time.

The stainless steel scoops have been polished to perfection but you may notice if you wash or dry them vigorously that there may be some black marks left on your towel. This is perfectly normal for new stainless steel products. It’s just my polish coming off.

It’s possible that over time the stainless steel surface may have darker specks or rust on it. This is also completely normal.

If you have noticed the above, there is a really simple way to get your scoop looking brand spanking new in no time and that’s by giving it a clean with ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ or a similar product. White distilled vinegar also does a great job.

Simply follow the cleaning instructions on whichever cleaning product you choose to use and watch your scoop revitalise!