I have IBS. Can I use Nutribuddy products?


All Nutribuddy products are crafted to avoid major allergens and ingredients which are not well-tolerated by the body.

We have lots of customers who have IBS and hear from them frequently. We have an article which talks in-depth about one customer’s experience using Nutribuddy alongside her IBS.

Below is a review from another of our customers who also has IBS:

“The breakfast shakes are great! I started mine this week and I now have everyone in my office wanting to order as it is delicious! I have mine with Almond Milk and it tastes amazing, it keeps me full until lunchtime!! I am going to give the weight loss package a go next! I suffer with IBS and this shake helps me out so much!! Makes me feel great. It helps a lot with bloating. Breakfast was the worst meal for me, I couldn’t have cereal or bread so I tended to skip breakfast! This is a great alternative!” – Hannah