I have IBS. Can I use Nutribuddy products?

Last Updated 5th January 2018

I highly recommend our Breakfast shake if you have IBS. We have several customers who also suffer from IBS who have given us great feedback on our Breakfast shakes. In fact, here is a review of the Breakfast shake (taken from the website) that you might find helpful:

“The breakfast shakes are great! I started mine this week and I now have everyone in my office wanting to order as it is delicious! I have mine with Almond Milk and it tastes amazing, it keeps me full until lunchtime!! I am going to give the weight loss package a go next! I suffer with IBS and this shake helps me out so much!! Makes me feel great. It helps a lot with bloating. Breakfast was the worst meal for me, I couldn’t have cereal or bread so I tended to skip breakfast! This is a great alternative! – Hannah”

Other products which are fine to take with IBS are the porridge and HotSlim. It’s mainly the protein shakes that we recommend you avoid.

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