I am a Coeliac / Gluten / Wheat / Barley Intolerant – can I take Nutribuddy products?

We only include ingredients in our products which are free of gluten.

Our oats, which are a key ingredient in many of our products, are special gluten-free oats. They are grown away from any wheat or barley, which so many oats are grown alongside. The oats are frequently tested throughout the harvesting / production process to make sure they are classed as gluten-free. They are also produced in a factory which only works with gluten-free oats.

All other ingredients which we use naturally gluten-free.

However, some suppliers of ingredients do provide the disclaimer that they also handle products containing gluten in their facilities and thus we include this disclaimer on our product labels.

The feedback from our Coeliac / gluten-intolerant customers has been positive.