How do subscriptions work & how to edit or cancel them?

If you created a subscription before 24/12/2020 it will be in our old subscription format. To take advantage of the new subscription format below, just let us know and we can cancel your old subscription and you can create a new one which will automatically be in the new format below.

We’ve listened to customer feedback and we’ve overhauled our subscriptions feature to give you everything you want including maximum flexibility.

With our new subscriptions feature you simply select ‘subscribe’ on the product page and then choose what you want in your first subscription shipment. You also choose how often you want us to ship your subscription (you can easily change this later). Then checkout as normal.

How to edit your next subscription order

At any time you can visit your account page and change what’s coming in your next subscription shipment. We also send you a reminder email before it ships to give you time to edit what’s coming.

Simply go to your account page here: then scroll down and click the ‘view and modify subscription’ button on the subscription you want to edit.

Once you’re on the subscription edit screen, scroll down and edit the different parts of your subscription by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. You can remove items by setting their qty to 0 or by using the ‘remove’ link.

On the edit screen, you can adjust the quantities of each item for your next shipment. One you make changes these will apply to all future orders until you make further changes.

How to delay / edit shipment frequency / speed up your shipment

From your account area you can also delay your subscription, have your next shipment sent straight away or edit the shipment frequency in a few clicks.

How to cancel your subscription

Changed your mind? Cancel your subscription in a few clicks with the ‘Cancel your subscription button’. There is no charge or penalty for cancelling your subscription.

How to edit payment details for your subscription

Update payment details easily with the change payment method button

How to edit your subscription shipping method

You should see a button at the top of the subscription edit screen, as shown above which says ‘Change subscription shipping’. You can then choose from other available shipping methods and click ‘change shipping method’. You will then see a confirmation that the shipping method has been changed for your next and also future shipments. You can then ‘Go back’ to return to the subscription edit screen.

Add one time products to your subscription

You can add an extra product(s) to your next shipment only. They are called one-time products and they will only be shipped once with your next subscription order.

On the subscription edit screen, under the summary of what’s coming with your order you should see a button which says ‘add one-time products’

On the next screen select from the list of available products and click view to see available variations.

Select the variation(s) you want and click the + and – buttons to choose how many of each you want to add it to your next subscription order. You can add ads many different one-time products as you want.

Once they are added they will show up under the ‘One time products’ heading on the subscription edit screen.