How do I edit my subscription?

Last Updated 2nd February 2018

We’re currently working on adding the functionality for you to edit your own subscription.

In the meantime:

To edit the frequency of your subscription / next renewal date

Solution: email us

To change the flavours / products

Solution: follow the steps below as unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we can’t do this any other way at the moment.

1. Please set up a new subscription with the correct flavours etc. I.e. set up a completely new subscription with everything you want and pay checkout as you did with your first order.

2. Then email us and we’ll cancel your old subscription. We will make sure you keep your subscribe and save discount.

What if I only want two more shipments?

New subscriptions can be set up for anywhere from 3 to 12 shipments. If you wish to have only 2 more shipments, just let us know after your second shipment has been dispatched and we can cancel your subscription early whilst making sure you keep your savings.

I just one to make a change to one order only The following method works best if your subscription renews at the weekend or after 6PM in the evening, as it gives us more time to change it. If it’s just a one-off change to one renewal, you could try also try following the instructions at the link below but it’s not guaranteed this way. The method above is a safer bet.

Wait a sec buddy, can’t you just edit it at your end in a few clicks?

Very sadly we can’t change it in a few clicks.

I wish we could – the only way we can change it, is to wait till the order is generated on the system and put a reminder to go in and change it. We used to do this but sometimes you only have a few minutes between the renewal being auto generated on the system to change it before you miss the slot and the order has been shipped out. If you’re busy doing another job when the reminder pops up we can miss the slot. This makes for unhappy customers and we want to avoid that. That’s why we ask you to create a new subscription to avoid mistakes, despite our best efforts.

We know this isn’t good enough and we are working on making it so anyone can change the subscriptions in a few clicks but it’s a surprisingly big coding job to create this functionality and have it all tested to make sure it works without any bugs etc.

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