Do any of your products contain Caffeine?

Some of our products contain small amounts of matcha green tea which is an ingredient which contains caffeine.

How much caffeine exactly?

To put the amount of caffeine in perspective, at the time of writing this article, our Vanilla Smooth Breakfast Shake contains 0.21 mg of caffeine per 30g serving. A typical cup of black tea contains 26.1 mg of caffeine, so that’s over 100 times as much caffeine in a cup of tea compared to our Vanilla Smooth Breakfast Shake!

Which Products Contain Matcha Green Tea?

Here is the complete list, accurate at the time of writing this FAQ.

  • Breakfast (smooth varieties only)
  • HotSlim
  • High-Protein Sculpting Shake
  • Shake Complete
  • Crunch Complete

We regularly add new products to our website therefore, we would advise you to double check the ingredients lists for each product you are buying by clicking the “View Ingredients & Nutritional Information” button on the product’s page. This will load a full ingredients list. You can then check to see if they include any caffeine containing ingredients.