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Hi, I'm a Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bottle. Nice to Meet you!

I'm a stylish double-walled water bottle made from high grade stainless steel before being given a metallic, rose gold coating. Although I am primarily to be used as a water bottle, that can keep your water cold for 24 hours, I can actually hold most liquids. For example, you can use me as a flask to transport your tea or coffee and I will keep it warm for 12 hours! You will just need to clean me more thoroughly after using me to hold any drink containing milk 😉

Here's some more awesome facts about me:

- I can hold up to 500ml of liquid.
- I am BPA-free.
- I can keep liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.
- I'm made from high-grade stainless steel.
- I'm environmentally-friendly.


Why do You Need Me?

By purchasing me, you are making a positive step forward in helping the environment!

You see, every time you buy a plastic water bottle from the supermarket or a take-away coffee in a cardboard cup (lined with plastic inside) from a café, you are purchasing a single-use plastic which research has shown has a terrible impact on the environment.

It is so much better to have a re-usable water bottle or coffee mug and that's exactly what I am! I'm extremely durable so I should be able to accompany you for a lifetime! Think of all the plastics being saved there! 😀

From a health-perspective, I am also much better for you than single-use plastic bottles. Single-use plastics often contain BPA which is known to leak into whatever it holds which just isn't good for our bodies. I am made from stainless steel which is BPA-free! My buddies, Nutribuddy shaker bottles are also BPA-free.


How To Use Me?

Before you first use me, hand-wash me in warm, soapy water. Once dry, I am now ready to hold your drinks for you. You can top me up with up to 500ml of water or if you prefer a hot tea or coffee. Screw my lid on tight so I can keep your drink at your desired temperature.

I am not dishwasher-safe! When you want to clean me, please hand-wash me in warm soapy water. If you've been using me to hold a liquid containing milk, you must give me a really thorough wash.

Please do not use me to hold carbonated or fizzy drinks or juice!

I am also not microwave-safe 😉

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bottle

  1. Shelley J

    I love the look of this bottle I already have all the breakfast shakes and hot slim and I can’t wait to order one of these and the new shake that has came out will be ordering this as I love my shaker in pink

  2. Maria M

    I absolutely love this; so lightweight and so pretty!😍 it’s even nicer in person!

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