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How I Help You

I'm a helpful little shaker bottle, absolutely perfect for mixing up your Sculpting Protein Shake and Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake. Not only do I look awesome, I'm also dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. I also come with a metal shaker ball to help make your drink super smooth.

Choose from black, red or hot pink colours 🙂



  1. Shelley J

    I am obsessed with my pink shaker bottle I love it it’s really good to look at and shakes the drink really well I use it for my breakfast and protein shakes

  2. Steph B

    Love This shaker.
    I am obsessed with shakers and this one is fab.
    I have black and pink.

  3. Chloe B

    I’ve got the pink one and it is so cute and light weight for carrying around

  4. Shelley J

    I love love love this shaker by far the best shaker I have ever had it’s amazing it’s lovely colour to I have the pink one just ordered the black to as I will use one for breakfast shake and one for protein shake ☺️

  5. Steph B

    Love shakers and I must say this one is fab, one my faves. I am ordering a 2nd shaker to have as my lunch shake one.

  6. Grace G

    Just got my pink one, the colour is cute and much brighter than the picture, really light weight too for carrying around.

  7. cloudedgray2018

    Fell in love with this bottle wen I first saw it on an Instagrammers page. I didn’t hesitate to order it and couldn’t wait till it came. After using it a few times I showed my husband how functional and great this bottle was. He now uses it more than me, hence why I’m about to make another purchase. Brilliant bottle, love the design and also non spillage wen taking it out of the house!

  8. Kelly Sheppard

    Lovely bottle looks good and is easy to mix the shakes with the metal shaker thingy 🙂 just wondering tips for washing as it has a fabric handle.

    • customerservice8810

      Hi Kelly,

      You can give the fabric a quick dry with a towel just after you’ve washed it 🙂

      Best wishes

      Nutribuddy Support

  9. Lucy F

    Love it!!

  10. Tayla Lawes

    Just ordered a shaker bottle, can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  11. Lily R

    Love this bottle! Easy to use and no leaks! Perfect size to fit in my bag! X

  12. Julie Ryan

    Hi just got my nutribuddy delivered today. Do I leave the metal mixer just in bottle once I’ve put strawberry shake in 👍
    Can’t wait to try it

  13. jenniferwalgate

    Great shaker and stylish too. Really easy to clean. Love it!

  14. sharon.sm89

    Received my pink shaker today and I love it! It does not leak which is a bonus!

  15. emmadixon666

    Great bottle, doesn’t leak at all…. and much prettier than the usual ones that come with protein.
    I now have 2 red ones… but will definitely order a Pink one soon!

  16. gracerozza

    Love the shaker!

  17. gabriellamundin

    Love these shaker bottles! They are so much prettier than the ones that usually come with protein powders. I ordered the pink one and I always take it to work with me. They are great as you don’t have to worry about them leaking. The metal ball definitely helps to mix it all together, as my shakes are always super smooth!

  18. Sian heap

    I’ve just ordered my nutribuddy 3 months worth of breakfast. How do I get to choose the colour of my free shaker?

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Sian,

      The free shakers are normally red but if you have a strong preference you can email support to change the colour.

      I see that you have emailed our support team already, so they will sort this for you 🙂

      Best wishes,

      Nutribuddy Support

  19. Charlotte

    Love the shaker and breakfast bundle however I didn’t receive a scoop. I have just ordered some more sculpting whey, it’s delicious & great when on the go and before tennis!

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Charlotte,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      I’m sorry to hear about the missing scoop 🙁

      I believe we have sent you out 3 scoops (to go with your Breakfast, porridge and Sculpting Whey) and they should be with you shortly 🙂


      The Nutribuddy Team

  20. Lucy

    Great shaker, amazing quality and looks really nice! The ball helps to make sure all of the powder mixes with the liquid nice and quickly!

  21. darren

    Like these bottles so much I now have 3. Not only do they mix the shake well, I now use one for breakfast smoothies. These are ideal for breakfast on the go.
    Dishwasher proof and durable

  22. darren

    Brilliant designed bottle. Ordered both colours. Smooth’s well with no lumps. Easy to carry and secure. No leaks. measuring on the side would be a good addition, but I also found a sharpie mark on the bottle will last a long while. Smoothies work very well in this bottle, and the metal blender ball is genius

  23. James

    Good sized bottle. Looks much better than other bottles that come with Protein Powders. The metal mixing ball is definitely an added bonus as it helps blend the whole shake and keep it smooth.
    Good for shakes, smoothies and also handy to bring water out on hikes, runs etc as it comes with a convenient wrist strap.
    My One suggestion, maybe a measuring scale on the side but then again, it’s not necessary for all users!

  24. CIARA

    Comes with a secure lid so you can transport your protein shake around with you in your bag if necessary. I got the red colour which is more of a pink/red and really stands out which I love 🙂 comes with a wristband which makes it easier to carry in the gym!

  25. Kathryn Rachael

    Love this shaker bottle! Its so much nicer than regular boring shakers & the black looks lovely on my desk! 🙂

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