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Why do You Need Me?

Hi, I'm Instant Chia & Coconut Porridge! I'm a really quick yet delicious breakfast option. Unlike traditional porridge, which you have to heat up on the hob, you can just put me in the microwave and 1-2 minutes later, I'm ready! If you're a traditionalist, you can always heat me up on the hob instead 😉

I'm also made using special gluten-free oats. That's right, most oats aren't suitable for gluten-free diets as the oats have been contaminated with wheat or barley. My oats have been grown separately from any other crops and regularly tested during their harvesting process to make sure there's absolutely no contamination.

Porridge, like me, is a really healthy, nutritious breakfast option. I'm low in calories but high in fibre so I can keep you full without the guilt of eating too many calories.

Oh, and did I mention that I also contain coconut and chia seeds? 🙂


My Nutritional Values & Ingredients

I don't mean to brag, but my ingredient list and nutritional values are pretty awesome. I'm very proud of my contents! Let me introduce you to them.

View my Full Nutritional Values Below:

Instant Chia & Coconut Porridge

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats*, Desiccated Coconut*, Chia Seeds*, *Organic

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 458
Energy kcal 109
Fat (g) 2.1
of which saturates (g) 0.8
of which mono-unsaturates (g) 0.0
Carbohydrates (g) 19.3
of which sugars (g) 0.4
Fibre (g) 2.8
Protein (g) 4.4
Salt (g) Trace

How to Use Me

Add 3 scoops of me to your bowl with 6 scoops of milk or milk substitute. Give me a quick mix and then and microwave for 1-2 minutes. The longer you microwave, the thicker I get! When I'm ready, just give me another quick stir and then eat up!


Subscribe & Save up to 25%

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By default, your Nutribuddy purchase is a single, one-off payment. However, we have now introduced the option to subscribe to a 3, 4, 6 or 12 shipment package and save up to 25%.

We understand it can be frustrating and time-consuming ordering your next batch of Nutribuddy products as your current batch ends. It can be stressful timing the arrival of your new batch with the ending of your current batch. That's why we have come up with our subscribe and save option!

What is Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save is a subscription to a 3, 4, 6 or 12 kit plan, and as a result of your subscription, you receive up to 25% discount on each of your kits which you have subscribed to.

You can customise each of your kits to determine what flavour Sculpting Whey you get and also how frequently you wish to receive your kits.

Payment for each of the kits will be made just before each kit is shipped out to you. So, payment for your first kit will be taken immediately. Then, payment for your second kit will be taken just before it is shipped out to you. The same goes for any additional kits.

The subscription only lasts for the number of kits you have chosen, so once you have received your final kit, no further payments will be made and no further kits will be shipped out to you, unless you renew your subscription.

You can cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription easily at any time by logging into your account. However, please note that if you cancel before you have received your first 3 kits, you will lose your subscribe & save discount on any kits you have already received.

More information can be found in our terms and conditions.

What Do Our Customers Think?


  1. Gemma B

    Had the porridge this morning with some almond milk and it was soooooo delicious and really filling!!!! ❤️

  2. Caroline

    Really tasty porridge quick and easy so get my breakfast fix now

  3. Lucy bath

    Just had the porridge this morning with chopped nuts and honey with raspberries it was so yummy you can actually taste the coconut which was yummy! Best porridge I have ever tried.. big thumbs up!!

  4. Sian T

    I like this, does taste fairly plain considering the ingredients but I’m ok with that, quick to make which is a bonus! I make mine in a small bowl otherwise the recommended portion seems small, so smaller bowl makes me think I’ve had more lol

  5. Louise van der Vliet

    This is by far my FAVORITE breakfast in the Nutribuddy range. I prefer it with coconut milk and a small teaspoon of honey, it’s amazing!! 5*

  6. hayotoole

    So tasty and very filling. I have it every morning with coconut water, love it!

  7. natalie

    My husband bought this for me because I love Nutribuddy more than any sweets. Thank you for such a filling product that tastes amazing. Nutribuddy is my favourite part of the day. x

  8. Alison

    My products were delivered yesterday and I have just had my first bowl of porridge…. wow I’m impressed… I have stomach problems and can’t wait to see if this porridge is better for me with been gluten free

  9. eliseahardy94

    I love this porridge! Being gluten free I did not expect these oats to heat up so well, they’re lovely 🙂 I mix mine with coconut milk and it tastes lovely, I love coconut so the addition of this in the porridge is a bonus. Just ordered my second bag 🙂 x

  10. Marc

    The best porridge ever. I have it before work. It’s pretty hectic in the mornings for me so it’s great that I can heat it in the microwave.

  11. Sophia

    I ordered this 2 days ago and am impressed with the speedy delivery. I got it this morning and tried it for my lunch. The porridge tastes really creamy. Mmmmm it’s delicious.

  12. D L

    Omg this porridge is amazing. I’m gluten intolerant so it’s hard to find gluten free porridge so I was buzzing when I found this. This porridge tastes lush. 5* I’d def recommend it.

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