Meal Replacement Bundle

I'm a wonderful little pack, made up of 3 amazing shakes which can be used to replace your meals or snacks in order to help you stay healthy and in shape! We recommend that you replace no more than 2 meals per day to ensure you're still having a balanced diet.


Returns Guarantee: 31 Days

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Covered by our 31-day Happiness Guarantee
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Returns Guarantee: 31 Days

Buy with confidence!
Covered by our 31-day Happiness Guarantee
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FREE Nutrient Booster 14 day Supply with every order of our 56 day Meal Replacement Bundle!


Returns Guarantee: 31 Days

Buy with confidence!
Covered by our 31-day Happiness Guarantee
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Benefits of Meal Replacement Bundle

Low-Calorie Nutritious Shakes
All 3 delicious shakes are low in calories at under 150 calories per serving (without liquid). Despite being low in calories, they're still jam-packed with delicious nutrients!
Save Time
Mix up your delicious shakes in under 20 seconds in your Nutribuddy Shaker for a speedy meal on-the-go!
My products contain no stabilisers, emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives which most products in my industry use. They may leave an oaty residue in your shaker which is a sign that they're completely natural and safe!
Vegan Formula
My products are made with 100% vegan ingredients to have minimal impact on the environment.

What's In The Box?

Breakfast Shake

Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shake

My Breakfast Shake is perfect as a grab 'n' go breakfast, being high in fibre and vitamins. Our best-selling product with hundreds of customer reviews raving about how filling it is.

You can read more about our Breakfast shake here.

High-Protein Sculpting Shake

High Protein Sculpting Shake

My High-Protein Sculpting Shake is low in calories and super filling! It makes an excellent snack replacement, satisfying your sweet tooth. It can also be added to smoothies to provide extra protein, nutrients and flavour.

You can read more about High-Protein Sculpting Shake here.


My HotSlim is low in calories yet surprisingly filling and packed with superfoods, meaning this little warm drink is ideal as a dinner replacement or a late-night snack, instead of a naughty hot chocolate.

You can read more about HotSlim here.

Shaker Bottle (optional)

My stylish shaker is perfect for mixing up your Breakfast Shake & Shake Complete. It's dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Come with a metal shaker ball to help make your drink smooth. Choose from black or hot pink colours!

You can read more about HotSlim here.

HotSlim Mug

Nutribuddy HotSlim Mug

I also contain a hand-stamped glass mug! It come with a white, metal lid that is perfectly sealed so that it won't spill when you take it out with you. This little mug also dishwasher and microwave safe without the lid. Perfect for drinking your HotSlim!

You can read more about HotSlim Mug here.

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Customer Reviews


  1. Ria T

    I’ve had shakes before and absolutely hated them but these are totally delicious and very filling! Absolutely love them. I have lost 4lb in my first week and just ordered more!

  2. Jade T

    Have been having the shakes for 3 days now. Am amazed at how well it fills me up. I am a nurse working busy 13hr shifts and the shakes keep me full of energy and no hunger pains! I already feel much better and less bloated. I cannot wait to weigh myself in a week and see if I have lost weight. I am not a healthy person and usually love my junk food. The shakes take some getting used to but they taste nice and are easy to drink. There is no nasty smell or aftertaste like you can get with slim fast and other milkshakes. So far very impressed and well worth the money.

  3. Louise M

    Received my shakes yesterday fast delivery. Had my first shake this morning and it’s delicious can’t wait to try the rest

  4. Nicola S

    I have nearly completed my first 2 weeks of this its amazing really fills me up. I’ve just ordered my months worth

  5. Nicky D

    Just ordered the meal replace bundle. So excited to receive this and get started. Looks great 👍

  6. Amanda R

    Just ordered the meal replacement bundle and excited to see what the shakes taste like.

  7. Andi M

    Got my bundle today, the breakfast shake is delicious I’m more than impressed as I was a little sceptical as other shakes I’ve tried haven’t been for me, big thumbs up 👍

  8. Amy M

    Recently bought this bundle as I’m ALWAYS in a rush in the morning and would love to lose some weight! Having been drinking them for very long but omg the breakfast shake is delicious!! (I went for vanilla with coconut flaxseed crunch). Haven’t tried the lunch shake yet as I’ve always been so full from breakfast. Very happy so far.

  9. Kelly

    I have seen advertisements on Instagram for quite a while and was sceptical so didn’t really bother to order until I went on the actual website and saw the before and after photos of customers and reviews and thought to give it a go.

    Ordered a chocolate bundle for myself and then my mum said she wanted to try so I ordered her a vanilla flavour bundle and then decided to order a strawberry breakfast bundle for us to share and try so we had all 3 flavours! In total I made 3 orders within a week.

    So far I have only tried the chocolate breakfast shake and I am in love with it. I’ve never been much of a milk drinker but it tasted like chocolate milkshake! I had it with oat milk and almond milk and tasted good with both. I woke up feeling starving so I quickly made one and felt full in less than 5 minutes so they really do make you feel full and I was full for a good few hours until late lunchtime. I feel less bloated already too which is great and stomach feels flatter as well.

    I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the meal replacement drinks and hoping to lose some weight with this. Might have to take before and after photos and see how I get on with the 28 day bundle!

    Will most likely be a returning customer! Very tasty and healthy filling drink

  10. Hannah Roddis

    Great value for money 😊

  11. Hannah Roddis

    Great bundle, I love it 😻

  12. Sarah O

    After having tried a friend’s shake I decided to give this a go, it’s delicious and no weird ingredients!

  13. Adele M

    Just received my order today thank you.
    Everything was nicely packaged in the box and I am excited to try all the products.
    I just had my first shake using the booster & high-protein sculpting shake (vanilla flavour). As I am vegan, I mixed this with ice and coconut milk. Tasted great 🤩

  14. Audrey H

    I purchased the strawberry 56 day 2 shakers glass tub and the nutrient booster …
    This is absolutely beautiful I never drink milk shakes just never liked anything about them but these are truly amazing I love the oats part almost like when your eating a bounty u get the little chewy white part this is the nicest shake and such a bonus it has so many good healthy benefits …. My son has psoriasis and this is perfect for his gut cleanse which is brilliant. Thankyou nutri buddy…

  15. Siobhan H

    Just order my first bundle super excited to start these products seen so many good reviews
    Bring it on 😁

  16. Mary

    I just have to write another review! I’ve just had my breakfast shake and I absolutely love it🥰

  17. Mary

    I just received my order, only placed it yesterday morning! Delivery was very quick! I’m so excited to try it out! I’ve seen loads of fantastic reviews on here about the products!

  18. Kate H

    My bundle arrived today! So far so good.

    Super quick delivery and my first shake was surprisingly really tasty! I’m looking forward to trying the Hotslim this evening as I always crave sweet things in the evenings. 🙂

  19. Sandra B

    Got my first order, can’t wait to get started.

  20. Rumour B

    I have a monthly subscription of this and it is so worth the money! The products are outstanding and delivered very quickly. Can’t wait for my next order!

  21. Rebecca G

    I’ve tried so many weight loss shakes before, none are ever filling and always taste nasty! These are amazing and I feel 100 times better after only a few days! The breakfast shake is my favourite! It’s stopping my urges to eat everything going and I can see progress already! I will be ordering more very soon! Thank you so much!!

  22. Katy E

    Received my meal replacement bundle 3 days ago absolutely love all of the shakes I ordered the vanilla and they are delicious I will definitely be order again and again

  23. Melissa H

    I’m really happy I made the choice to start the Nutribuddy meal replacement bundle, I always struggle with the chemical taste other meal replacements have, this doesn’t have that thankfully! Another thing I always struggle with is the continuous hunger issues, but again I don’t have that with this, as an addition I do add some blitzed fruit to the shake. It’s definitely made a difference to my life being so busy I normally just eat fast food as a matter of ease. I definitely recommend this bundle to anyone thinking of doing it, I’m already seeing results so I’m excited to keep going with it.

  24. Emily H

    Just placed my order can’t wait for it to arrive and get on a plan. Have read so good reviews.

  25. Annika P

    Really happy with my nutri buddy products. I love the breakfast shake it’s great and yummy, although I do feel like the sculpting powder does lack that fullness feeling I was hoping for, I live a very busy lifestyle and unfortunately it just doesn’t help with the hunger feeling and find that I have to have a banana or something along aside it. The hot slim I thought may have been slightly more flavoursam…but even still it is a little chocolatly treat before bed time.
    I will be ordering this again but I do feel that I might have to add another scoop of the sculpting powder to my shaker.
    I may also purchase the capsules.

  26. Kirsty C

    Just order this so excited to get going on this

  27. Jennifer O

    The breakfast shake is really yummy, it fills me up and keeps me going till dinner. I put an extra scoop of sculpting powder in and it makes it taste even yummier! I’m using the strawberry one, I also had a hot slim last night about an hour before bed and they just taste amazing.

    Deffo be ordering again 🙂

  28. Linda B

    Order arrived quickly, I tried the breakfast shake and it tastes great!
    Looking forward to try the rest!

  29. Jade S

    Got my package this morning comes really neatly packed 😊 I tried the breakfast I got it in chocolate and oh my gosh it’s delish can’t wait to try my other flavours with my subscription 😊

  30. Naomi M

    Best bundle you can buy! All shakes taste amazing. Cant wait to order again!!!

  31. Jade S

    I cant wait for my delivery to arrive looking really forward in trying these shakes as have read really good reviews 🙂

  32. Jane I

    Breakfast shake is really tasty and filling will be definitely be using again

  33. Chloe W

    I’ve just ordered this bundle and very excited for it to arrive, very detailed descriptions on each item and brilliant reviews all round! Fingers crossed It works for me🤞🤞

  34. Abi T

    Started this two weeks ago and have already lost 9 pounds! Curbs my cravings and is what I needed to get my weight loss started. Will definitely carry on with Nutribuddy, thanks guys!

  35. Sarah W

    Ordered the meal replacement bundle and I’ve only been having it for a couple of weeks and I feel healthier in myself , the breakfast shake is really nice, not struck on the vanilla shake it would be better if they had different flavours. Would recommend nutribuddy 100%

  36. Michelle K

    Ok so I’ve tried every shake you can think of and never stick to it as they don’t fill you up, and worse often taste awful! I purchased the vanilla breakfast and chocolate protein and loved them both! There filling and taste lovely! I’ve now ordered extra to stock up and received the banana with extra flack seeds. I personally found this to much with the extra seeds so won’t use it, but the actual flavour was lovely!

  37. Lauren S

    Just ordered mine today cant wait to try it. Is the replacement kit better then the summer body kit?

    • customerservice8810

      Hi Lauren,

      The Meal Replacement Bundle is more popular, but both kits are great for helping you lose weight 🙂

  38. Samina H

    Purchased this package and i absolutely love it! Highly recommend!

  39. Emma N

    Second purchase. A 100% recommended product. The best thing I’ve tried too shift the baby weight

  40. Emily A

    I have been on this since 1st january 2019 and so far have lost 10 lbs i really rate nutribuddy i feel healthier less tired and way more confident with how im looking also the customer service is remarkable

  41. Shelley J

    I bought this pack to start me off and it’s amazing I love it I use whatever I feel I need in that day so sometimes breakfast shake and hotslim and eat my lunch and tea or if I don’t have time for lunch I have breakfast and take a shake for lunch the breakfast shakes are so nice

  42. Natalie J

    I’ve done meal replacement shakes before and they are always awful! However, since starting Nutribuddy I no longer dread drinking one! They taste amazing and the breakfast is SO GOOD!

  43. Tara S

    Cannot recommend enough – taste amazing!

  44. Tara S

    The meal replacement shakes taste amazing and are very filling – just as advertised! The chocolate HotSlim is my fav so far…cannot recommend enough!

  45. Kelsie M

    Started Nurtibuddy 6 days ago, it’s amazing! Loss of 6lbs so far. All the shakes taste great, love my hot slim before bed!

  46. Mandeep S

    Love the Strawberry Flavour Breakfast Shake. Love everything about the meal replacement Shakes. Will definitely be ordering some more.

  47. Sharon M

    Can’t wait to try Nutribuddy

  48. Ria M

    I seen Nutribuddy advertised and decided to try this bundle as it had quite a few items. I absolutely love the breakfast shake and the hot slim drink. They are quick and easy to do. I do however blend my shake in a blender for a smoother taste. I would recommend these products to anyone 👌🏼

  49. Amanda F

    Just placed my 1st order after trying products through a friend. Fab taste and felt full afterwards. Looking forward to results after meal replacement programme.

  50. Tamsin R

    I bought the 28 day bundle, came really quickly and packaged really well. Love it all.

  51. Zoe A

    Amazing! I wish I done it ages ago I feel so much better and have more energy throughout the day it taste amazing and I’m not hungry at all, thank you so much 🙂 x

  52. Cherelle Doyle

    Just received mine today…just tried the breakfast shake..yum..can’t wait to try rest 😁

  53. Kerry Stone

    Started my meal replacement bundle this week and it tastes amazing 😊 will be ordering again. Thank you Nutribuddy 🙂🙂

  54. Chanel Pearce

    I just started my meal replacement bundle today and it taste much better than I thought 😍 definitely can’t wait to see the end result.

  55. Valentine

    The breakfast shake is even nicer if you blend it up with some fruit in all the chocolate products are lovely definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try it

  56. Pauline Skinner

    Love love love , highly recommend !

  57. Abbie Rodgers

    Amazing flavour shakes. Can’t wait to see the results.

  58. Rebecca Winterburn

    I ordered the meal replacement shake and I’m surprised how nice they taste with all natural ingredients! I will definitely be ordering again.

  59. Tommy

    Fantastic and wonderful!

  60. Jade Bridgewater

    Started my Nutribuddy shakes today and I absolutely love them! The breakfast shake kept me fuller for longer and they all taste amazing!!! I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor so I need a lot of energy for my job, these shakes are perfect for in between workouts and in the morning for a quick start!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE XXX

  61. Samantha Chelsea

    So I’ve had this bundle for 9 days and lost half a stone without watching my meals over the weekend, I have the breakfast vanilla shake with chocolate soy milk and it is delicious the strawberry protein powder with fresh strawberries, soy milk and natural yoghurt and it fills me up and is lovely can’t wait to try a different flavour and the hunger pills next !

  62. Vic

    Really happy that I ordered this product. I’m four days in and 5lbs lighter already. Love that this doesn’t leave you feeling hungry like some other diets and that it tastes really good too! Will definitely continue with this plan.

  63. Chloe

    Heard so many good things about this stuff. Ordered 14 days worth and will definitely be keeping it up it sounds amazing!

  64. Eleanor Barrett

    So happy with the bundle! I was really excited to find a vegan name and even more happy when it arrived and find it is delicious! The breakfast shake keeps me going all morning while I’m at work, I normally feel bloated after shakes but this one doesn’t do that at all! Will definitely be ordering again!

  65. Matt Bentley

    Love this stuff, ordered my second lot now and absolutely in love with it so quick and easy and tastes so good too

  66. Zara Jabeen

    Omg absolutely love these they are amazing definitely worth it and portions are really good as well 🙂

  67. Nikki Lambshead

    Loving this bundle so far. On day 2 and really enjoying the shakes, the breakfast shake is the best for me and they keep me full for hours!! I’ll definatley be purchasing again👌xx

  68. Louise Jones

    Love love love the breakfast shake – using vanilla flavour with almond milk. Just tried the vegan protein shake and its tasty, nice consistancty. Looking forward to trying my hotslim tonight! Packaging beautiful, glass jar looks lovely in my kitchen too! Subscribed to 3month and will use again!

  69. Linzi

    Around a week and a half in. Lost around 5lbs so far. Ordered my next batch as really enjoying it

  70. tasha penney

    Just ordered my bundle and I’m super excited! Heard so many good things about them and wanted to try it for myself, always struggled losing weight and finding vegan products so I can’t wait to see if this works!

  71. Rachael

    Well I have to be honest, I was a bit wary about Nutribuddy at first but how wrong could I have been!!!! 5 days in and already 4lbs lighter! I’ve just been replacing breakfast and lunch and having a healthy home made dinner!! The results are amazing! I have already recommended to friends and will be ordering again. 🙂

  72. Lindsey

    Started last Thursday and this is great!! I’ve been struggling with my weight since my baby 3 months ago being the biggest I’ve ever been at 12st 2lb. I’ve already lost 5lb and only on day 5!!!! Can’t wait to see the end result 🙂

  73. Kelly L

    Nutribuddy is actually my new best friend !!! Been on nutribuddy breakfast shake & hotslim for 4 days and I am officially in love with it !! I have more energy, no hunger pangs & life the taste … I’ve even completely cut out cows milk !! Thank you for bringing this into my life ….. can’t wait to see some results

  74. Emma

    I’ve started using the breakfast shake and love the vanilla flavour!

  75. Beckie

    Started using the breakfast shake this week. It’s great! Love it and actually look forward to breakfast 🙂

  76. Zoey

    I’m now on day 5 of the Nutribuddy! I’ve been having a breakfast shake every morning, a meal replacement shake for lunch and then a proper dinner in the evening. I’ve also been taking the hunger fix 3 times daily and having my Hotslim drink before bed every evening (which has replaced my usual glass of wine)! The shakes are really tasty and I think I’d like to try the chocolate flavoured one for a change during my next batch, if possible. I’ve lost 2lbs this week so far. I’m going to stick with it throughout my subscription which is 6 weeks and go from there. But so far, so good. I don’t feel hungry at all during the day and I really REALLY enjoy my evening meal. Not sure if it’s the Hotslim drink but I haven’t slept so well in ages!!!

  77. Lisa

    Started on Sunday, using the breakfast and hot slim. Pleased so far, filling and stopping me snacking on rubbish and skipping breakfast. Will be re ordering and trying some other products at the end of the month.

  78. Sarah

    I ordered the meal replacement package last Thursday and it was delivered the next day – excellent! I started yesterday with the strawberry porridge shake for breakfast and then the chocolate shake for lunch. Both taste yummy, especially the chocolate shake – didn’t want it to end! I have quite a bit of weight to lose so this is kick starting me in to doing it. Not feeling so bloated and only on day 2. I’m snacking on carrot and cucumber and having either an apple of banana in the day and then a meal for dinner. I’m gluten and wheat intolerant so it is so good to find a meal replacement package that won’t make me ill!! Thanks Nutribuddy, I will be posting before and after pics once my 56 days are up.

  79. Rebecca V

    In April 2017 I was just over 11 stone, I start the gym and started using nutibuddy for a breakfast replacement.

    I started using the scales in boots that show you your weight and body fat.

    28.06.17 I was 10st 9lb (67.9kg) body fat 30.7%
    04.10.17 I was 9st 10lb (61.7kg) body fat 26.8%

    Yesterday I came in at 9st 6lb (60.2kg) body fat 23.1%

    If it wasn’t for nutibuddy I wouldn’t be wear I am now, this has stop me picking in the mornings, and I full until lunch time.

    Thank you

  80. Victoria

    I ordered the Nutribuddy meal replacement bundle as id seen it on Instagram and read the great reviews.
    I’m 4 days in and I can already see results. I can honestly say this helps me stop snacking on bad stuff. It’s encouraging me to eat better and drink more. I use coconut milk with it which gives it a sweeter creamy taste which must fix my sugar cravings.
    The shakes tastes so good! Actually look forward to having one.
    I feel like this has been a great kick start for me and I have energy to go to the gym and make better food choices. Using My Fitness Pal app with a healthy lifestyle and diet really makes you think about your diet.
    Customer service is great too. Always very friendly and respond quickly.
    So glad I took the leap and ordered it.

  81. Vicki

    I’m loving the shakes! I’m feeling less bloated and more energetic!! Would love more recipes. Thank you! Xx

  82. Hayley

    Used the protein shake after a run this morning, then had the hot slim for a meal replacement lunch. I really enjoy the hot slim. It works a treat.

  83. Manni Sogi

    Just ordered this package and can’t wait for it to arrive. Having looked at the before and after pictures was the final convincer for me! I will be uploading mine once iv done my 14days! Easy to follow website, impressed by the amount of information on it. Come on summer body!!

  84. Amanda

    Hi. I started using the shakes and breakfast supplement 4 days ago. I feel I have more energy less bloated. Overall feeling great. I have the breakfast mix and the whey supplement for lunch with some fruit and then a healthy dinner. Fabulous products I will continue after the 14 supply I have.

  85. Clare

    So happy with this pack I have IBS and I was fine after drinking all the shakes mixed with my lactose free milk. I was not hungry at all and loved the hot slim chocolate before bed.

  86. Jennifer S

    I was so happy when I saw this bundle as I really wanted to buy breakfast shake and hotslim together. I bought it yesterday and can’t wait for it to arrive!

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