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Meal Replacement Bundle

I'm a wonderful little pack, made up of 3 amazing shakes which can be used to replace your meals or snacks in order to help you stay healthy and in shape!

We recommend that you replace no more than 2 meals per day to ensure you're still having a balanced diet.

Meal replacement shakes can also be used for healthy weight loss.

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14 Day Supply

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28 Day Supply

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28 Day Supply

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56 Day Supply

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56 Day Supply

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Benefits of Meal Replacement Bundle

Low-Calorie Nutritious Shakes
All 3 delicious shakes are low in calories at under 150 calories per serving (without liquid). Despite being low in calories, they're still jam-packed with delicious nutrients!
Save Time
Mix up your delicious shakes in under 20 seconds in your Nutribuddy Shaker for a speedy meal on-the-go!
My products contain no stabilisers, emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives which most products in my industry use. They may leave an oaty residue in your shaker which is a sign that they're completely natural and safe!
Vegan Formula
My products are made with 100% vegan ingredients to have minimal impact on the environment.

What's In The Box?

Breakfast Shake

Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shake

My Breakfast Shake is perfect as a grab 'n' go breakfast, being high in fibre and vitamins. Our best-selling product with hundreds of customer reviews raving about how filling it is.

You can read more about our Breakfast shake here.

High-Protein Sculpting Shake

High Protein Sculpting Shake

My High-Protein Sculpting Shake is low in calories and super filling! It makes an excellent snack replacement, satisfying your sweet tooth. It can also be added to smoothies to provide extra protein, nutrients and flavour.

You can read more about High-Protein Sculpting Shake here.


Ella McKendrick, founder of Nutribuddy with HotSlim

My HotSlim is low in calories yet surprisingly filling and packed with superfoods, meaning this little warm drink is ideal as a dinner replacement or a late-night snack, instead of a naughty hot chocolate.

You can read more about HotSlim here.

Shaker Bottle (optional)

My stylish shaker is perfect for mixing up your Breakfast Shake & Shake Complete. It's dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Come with a metal shaker ball to help make your drink smooth. Choose from black or hot pink colours!

You can read more about HotSlim here.

HotSlim Mug

Nutribuddy HotSlim Mug

I also contain a hand-stamped glass mug! It come with a white, metal lid that is perfectly sealed so that it won't spill when you take it out with you. This little mug also dishwasher and microwave safe without the lid. Perfect for drinking your HotSlim!

You can read more about HotSlim Mug here.

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Customer Reviews

108 reviews for Meal Replacement Bundle

  1. Emma S

    Love these shakes, tastes better than any shake I’ve had before and more filling! The hot choco is an amazing idea for a late-night snack, filling and full of taste and the nutrient booster is a wicked idea for adding those extras as simply as possible on the go! Will continue to use for a health boost

  2. Diana L

    Since I started with nutribuddy I have been enjoying the breakfast and complete. It is an everyday routine for me now. Customer service is great👍

  3. Jodie R

    I love the taste of the strawberry and coconut breakfast shake, the hot slim drink was lumpy but could be the way I mixed it. The strawberry protein shake was ok, can’t wait to try more flavours. Lost a few pounds this week! The drinks don’t upset my tummy and do help curb cravings for sure. Shame the glass jar was out of stock. Will purchase again! 😊

  4. Sarah H

    I can’t rate this company highly enough… Service is second to none… Can’t wait for everything to arrive so I can start my journey

  5. Mwila Kasanyinga

    Really lovely, I’ve been using this for a couple of days now and it’s safe to say that I’ve enjoyed them. I only ordered enough for 14 days because I wasn’t sure if I’d like them, but now I cant wait to put in another order and try new flavours!

  6. Julie Teague

    I was lucky enough to receive the NHS discount. I really dont like the hot chocolate, it tastes like pure cocoa. The chocolate and matcha breakfast shake is a bit grainy but I blended it with a banana this morning and it tasted much better. The chocolate protein shake is equally as grainy but also when blended with a banana it tastes much better. I dont feel bloated with these products like I do with other shakes, I am looking forward to the results of losing weight! Will buy these again but try a different flavour.

  7. Rebecca D

    I’m really happy with these shakes! They taste amazing!
    My first week is done and I’ve already dropped a few pounds!

  8. Daniel H

    Great tasting bundle. Just a shame I never received the glass mug with this with them being out of stock. Could have maybe offered an alternative Instead.

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