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Rose Gold Stainless Steel Water Bottle

34 Reviews

I'm a double-walled stainless steel bottle with a stunning metallic rose gold coating. I know I'm pretty beautiful, but I've got more than just good looks to offer! By purchasing me, you'll reduce your use of single-use plastic and positively impact the environment. Oh, and did I mention I'll keep your water cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks sizzling for 12? Winner!

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bottle

Double wall water bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold

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Benefits of Rose Gold Water Bottle

High-grade stainless steel

Tough cookie? Yep, that's me! I'm made from high-quality grade stainless steel, making me super strong, tough and mighty. My hardy durability means I'm a great value, long-lasting purchase.

Stunning Rose Gold Coating
Who said water bottles can't be beautiful? I don't mean to blow my own trumpet, but I'm pretty damn gorgeous! Covered top to bottom in a shiny, luxurious metallic rose gold coating, I make heads turn.
Holds up to 500ml
I hold an impressive 500ml of liquid but I'm still lightweight and easy to carry. I'll keep you hydrated for hours, whether you're at work, at the gym or on an adventure!
100% BPA-free

Did you know that BPA (the toxin found in plastic water bottles) can lead to an increased risk of certain cancers and diabetes, reduced fertility and birth defects? Thankfully, I say no to harmful toxins and am proudly BPA-free - you'll be safe with me!

A stunning Rose Gold Water Bottle which is good for you and the environment


Plastic is ruining our oceans and environment, with a staggering 7.7 billion plastic bottles used every year in the UK. I hate to say this, but every time you purchase a plastic water bottle or plastic-lined cardboard coffee cup, you're actually damaging the environment. Thankfully, by purchasing me, you can make a positive environmental change by decreasing your plastic waste dramatically!

Hydration Boosting

When you're busy, it's easy to let hours slip by without a single sip of water. But hydration is the key to good health - it flushes out toxins, gives you energy, helps your skin glow and promotes healthy weight. By keeping me by your side or in your bag all day, I'll jog your memory and remind you to keep hydrated. I recommend at least 4 refills per day!

Ella McKendrick, founder of Nutribuddy with Rose Gold Bottle

I'll keep water chilly for 24 hours

There's nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of water, right? Well, if you fill me with cold water, I'll keep it cool for 24 whole hours. I'll even keep it chilly in the sunshine, so I'm ideal for summer days and holidays! While I'm fine with most drinks, you can't put fizzy drinks or juices in me - they're a little too acidic for my liking.

Or hot drinks sizzling for 12!

Let's face it - here in the UK, we're a little bit obsessed with a good ol' cuppa tea or coffee. So don't wait until your first break of the day to get your fix - just fill me up in the morning and sip to your heart's content! I'll keep your tea, coffee, hot chocolate and herbal tea warm for 12 hours.

How to use me

Before you use me for the first time, hand-wash me in warm, soapy water. Once dry, I'm all ready to go! You can top me up with up to 500ml of water or if you'd prefer a hot drink, fill me up and screw my lid on tight so I can keep your drink at your desired temperature.

Just to let you know, I'm not dishwasher-safe. When you want to clean me, please hand-wash me in warm soapy water. If you've been using me to hold a liquid containing milk, you must give me a really thorough wash.

Please do not use me to hold carbonated or fizzy drinks or juice! Also, I'm not microwave-safe 😉

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Customer Reviews

15 reviews for Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bottle

  1. Rebecca H

    This is just simply gorgeous! Super stylish, convenient and great way to keep hydrated!

  2. Sharee C

    So cute and keeps drinks of water cold for ages! Perfect to help keep hydrated on the go

  3. Annabelle B

    Quality product that’s as good as the top brands. I’m so pleased with my Nutribuddy stylish rose gold stainless steel bottle – I struggle to keep my skin hydrated as I have chronic eczema, working in the hospital under drying air con – this bottle is a godsend for keeping my shake cool and refreshingly hydrating!

  4. Bronni P

    Looks great, keeps water super cold and isn’t bulky or heavy so easy to take on the go. Great!

  5. Heidi C

    Love this bottle!! Looks amazing and is great for the environment.

  6. Miss Roddis

    Looks really expensive and I take it everywhere

  7. Hannah

    Love this it’s great for on the go

  8. Rumour B

    Absolutely STUNNING!! I have had so many compliments about this bottle and it’s amazing. Keeps my water lovely and cold too! Definitely worth the purchase

  9. Emily M

    This bottle is great! Use it mainly for cold drinks and it keeps them cold for ages… The rose gold is a lovely colour too 🙂

  10. Gemma M

    Just received my bottle today. Really happy with how cold it keeps my water and I’ve already drank 2 bottle of water. Been asked by 2 people where I’ve got it from. Well definitely be buying more products.

  11. Naomi M

    Loveeee this bottle!!! It’s amazing for keeping your water ice cold and your hot drinks hot! It’s such a pretty bottle too! I take it everywhere with me and its so lightweight. I always get asked where I got it from because it stands out so much. 😘

  12. Michelle A

    I love the rose gold bottle, going to buy another one for my daughter x

  13. April M

    I love this bottle🥰literally amazing for cold drinks as well as hot drinks I take this with me everywhere and it holds my coffee so well and keeps it warm. I also love the rose gold look very modern and stands out in my gym bag!

  14. Shelley J

    I love the look of this bottle I already have all the breakfast shakes and hot slim and I can’t wait to order one of these and the new shake that has came out will be ordering this as I love my shaker in pink

  15. Maria M

    I absolutely love this; so lightweight and so pretty!😍 it’s even nicer in person!

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