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HotSlim Mug

15 Reviews

I'm a stylish glass mug with handle and make the perfect companion for your HotSlim shake or other warm drink! I'm durable, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and leak-proof to make delicious, comforting warm drinks a truly relaxing and stress-free part of your day.

HotSlim Mug

Luxury hand-stamped glass Hotslim mug with lid

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Benefits of HotSlim Glass Mug with Handle

Perfect HotSlim companion

I'm an easy, convenient and stylish way to drink your nutritious, delicious HotSlim shake! You could call HotSlim my better half - together, we're a perfect, health-boosting way to relax and unwind after a busy, stressful day.


Let's be honest, who has time to warm up shakes on the hob? Just add your HotSlim shake or other warm drink to me along with milk or water and pop me in the microwave until I'm nice and warm - I can take the heat! Just make sure you don't put my metal lid in the microwave - that isn't microwave-safe 😉


I'm designed for real life! When you're finished with me for the day, pop me in the dishwasher and I'll be totally safe and sound! I might be pretty, but I'm super tough, too! Thanks to my high-quality, durable design, you won't be needing another glass mug for a long, long time.


Let's face it - you're a busy bee and have no time to clean up spilt warm drinks. So long as you screw my secure metal lid on tight, I'm leak-proof and promise not to spill a single drop. In fact, I'm so secure that you can pop me in your bag and take me out with you!

A convenient and stylish companion for HotSlim and other warm drinks!

How to use me

Using me for your warm and nutritious HotSlim shake? Just put 5g (half a Nutribuddy scoop) of HotSlim in me and add a scoop of cold milk or a vegan milk substitute, stirring until you have a smooth paste. Then, fill me up with as much milk or vegan milk as you’d like and stir. Put me in the microwave without the lid on. Microwave for no more than 1 and a half minutes then stir again. All done - sit down, relax and enjoy!

You can use me for other warm liquids such as coffee or hot chocolate, too. However, please do not pour boiling water directly into me or heat me up in the microwave for more than 2 minutes.

When you're finished, make sure to give me a good rinse with warm soapy water or put me in the dishwasher for a deep clean - I'm totally dishwasher safe!

I come with a metal lid so that you can carry me around with you - I won't leak! I have a tight rubber seal in my lid ensuring not a single drop is spilt. Just make sure to screw my top on tightly before popping me in your bag!

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Customer Reviews

15 reviews for HotSlim Mug

  1. Adele F

    Great cup for hotslim. Perfect to microwave yummy hotslim !

  2. Diana L

    I am enjoying using this HotSlim Mug and adding this into my collection. The great thing about it, it has a lid. I can travel with it and add my drinks in it. Good quality too and cute 😍

  3. Karolien S

    Classy hot drink mug to complete your nutribuddy collection :)! Easy to clean as well.

  4. Sharee C

    I love this mug, and it’s nice and compact for carry to and from work!

  5. Miss Roddis

    This is my new potable glass mug!

  6. Hannah Roddis

    I use this for all my hot drinks take it everywhere

  7. Hannah

    I use this for all my hot drinks take it everywhere!

  8. Rumour B

    I got this mug with my meal replacement bundle and I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for the hot slim and the lid helps keep it warm!

  9. Michelle W

    Just had my first cup of hot slim and it really quite nice!

  10. Emily M

    Love my mug, use it each night for bed with no worry of spilling it on the stairs 🙂

  11. Naomi M

    Love this mug, I use it every night with my hot slims. Its a really good size and easy to wash.

  12. Sarah K

    This little mug fits in nicely with HotSlim drink its very cute and reusable with lots of other hot drinks.

  13. Shelley J

    Love my Nutribuddy slim mug use it every night with my HotSlim it’s so nice the chocolate one especially

  14. Steph B

    Shaker is wonderful for the hot slim shakes make it feel like a cool hot bedtime drink or a snack in evening

  15. Shelley J

    Love my Nutribuddy slim cup it’s great I make my hot slim in there every night fab 👍

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