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Grab 'N' Go Goody Box

33 Reviews

I'm the perfect bundle for those who lead very busy lifestyles and don't have time to sit down and prepare meals.

I contain 2 delicious meals: our best-selling Breakfast shake and exciting new Shake Complete. Both provide nutritious meals on the go!

I also contain Eco-PlantMilk, a powdered vegan milk alternative which is the perfect addition to both of my 2 shakes. This revolutionary vegan milk has far longer shelf life than regular milks, is made in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way and contains zero additives.

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Protein Booster

A blend of hemp, rice and pea protein to add an extra protein kick to your shake

Protein Booster

A blend of hemp, rice and pea protein to add an extra protein kick to your shake
Select optional items in the bundle below If you want to include a shaker bottle / glass jar / rose gold bottle in your kit, add them below.

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Add Protein Booster

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Trustscore 4.8 | Based on 500+ reviews

Benefits of Grab 'N' Go Goody Box

Save Time
Mix up your delicious shakes in under 20 seconds in your Nutribuddy Shaker for a speedy meal on-the-go!
Vegan Formula
My products are made with 100% vegan ingredients to have minimal impact on the environment.
My products contain no stabilisers, emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives which most products in my industry use. They may leave an oaty residue in your shaker which is a sign that they're completely natural and safe!
Gluten-Free Oats
Did you know most oats are grown beside gluten and are easily contaminated? My products contain the best oats which are frequently tested throughout the harvesting process to make sure they have no contamination and are classed as gluten-free!

What's In The Box?

Breakfast Shake

Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shake

My Breakfast Shake is perfect as a grab 'n' go breakfast, being high in fibre and vitamins. Our best-selling product with hundreds of customer reviews raving about how filling it is.

You can read more about our Breakfast shake here.

Shake Complete

Shake Complete

My Shake Complete is high in all sorts of nutrients including protein, fibre, carbs and amino acids. This handy shake provides you with a well-rounded and delicious meal and can be taken for either lunch or dinner - whichever you tend to struggle with.

You can read more about Shake Complete here.


Nutribuddy Eco-PlantMilk

My milk is the first of its kind - a blend of powdered vegan milk.

It's more environmentally-friendly than your bog-standard vegan milks. For one, production uses far less water. Did you know 1 glass of almond milk requires 74 litres of water to produce?

You can read more about Eco-PlantMilk here.

Shaker Bottle (optional)

Nutribuddy White Shaker Bottle

My stylish shaker is perfect for mixing up your Breakfast Shake & Shake Complete. It's dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Come with a metal shaker ball to help make your drink smooth. Choose from black or hot pink colours!

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Water Bottle (optional)

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Water Bottle

My water bottle is made from high grade stainless steel with a metallic, rose gold coating. It can keep your water cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. An environmentally-solution to water and coffee on-the-go!

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Trustscore 4.8 | Based on 500+ reviews

Formulated alongside a leading nutritionist

Kelly Rose, Nutribuddy's Nutritionist

Kelly is an educational nutritionist, registered with The Association for Nutrition in the UK, working with Nutribuddy to ensure all our products have great nutritional values and are genuinely good for you!

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Customer Reviews

33 reviews for Grab ‘N’ Go Goody Box

  1. Benita

    Hi working as a nurse in a&e it is sometime impossible to get off for a lunch break, so this is brilliant replacement. I have no intention of loosing weight, so I also try to use them as a snack between meals to and they help. They taste fab. Thank you. 🙂

  2. niniane.eggleton@nhs.net

    I saw Nutribuddy on Facebook and noticed it was 50% discount for NHS workers. I’ve workers as a nurse for the NHS for 22 years. This past year has been interesting and Im also just recovering from Covid . I’m also getting on a bit now and have been suffering a bit from ??IBS. I thought I’d give the shakes ago to see if they help with the bloated, windy feelings. Also the shakes will save a lot of time on my breaks. Ordered and received within two days. Amazing. I’m enjoying them so far. I think my tummy is beginning to settle also. Can’t wait to order more to try. Thank you Nutribuddy. From a tired Nurse. Xx

  3. Kerry S

    Received my Grab ‘N’ Go goody box today and just had to try the breakfast shake straight away! And OMG it does not disappoint. The flavour is insane!! (I got the vanilla smooth) and I cannot wait to order some other flavours. The shaker bottle is fab quality too. One very happy customer x

  4. Gabbi M

    This is such good value for money. Really enjoy all the shakes. And the customer service is amazing! They are so helpful and sorted my problem out so quickly! Highly recommend

  5. Diana L

    First goody box I bought from Nutribuddy and it has made me addicted to try different favours and other products. Easy to make in the morning and afternoon. Quick and easy.

  6. Claire P

    I’ve been ordering from Nutribuddy since April. I knew my eating habits were going down the pan whilst in lockdown, so I decided to try Nutribuddy. These shakes are incredible and taste amazing. They’re so easy to make and keeps me full! I’ve definitely lost weight using these shakes but most of all I feel so much better and more energetic. I love the subscription service as it means I know I won’t forget to order my next box as one is already being delivered! 100% recommend for anyone to give Nutribuddy a try – you won’t be disappointed!

  7. Danielle C

    This bundle is great, especially with the NHS discount applied! I chose 2nd class delivery, and it arrived in just 2 days! Tried today for the first time, I think mixing with 300mls makes it an achievable amount even for someone who doesn’t always manage to fit in breakfast! I’m hoping to keep this up for long enough to see results!

  8. Rachel B

    Love this stuff, keeps me full all day. Good to have as a snack too, got the vanilla and strawberry flavours ❤️ Repurchased today 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  9. Charlotte C

    I really liked the grab and go goody box. My favourite was the vanilla crunchy breakfast shake. They are really quick to make and kept me full for longer than I expected. I will be buying more.

  10. Rebecca D

    Absolutely love this stuff!
    It’s easy to make up, tastes really nice and I’ve dropped a few pounds in the first week already!

  11. Hollie B

    I received my order super quick! And the team are in contact with you to check how you’re getting on with the products. The breakfast shake is quite seedy, but it tastes delicious- feels like a real breakfast. The chocolate shake tastes amazing with milk but not as much with water (I tried to be extra healthy). Would highly recommend!

  12. Hannah D

    I decided to go for the grab ‘n’ go goody box to start me off. I got vanilla smooth breakfast and can honestly say it is yummy, I got a free nutrient booster which I will be getting more of on my next order. The shake complete I got all the flavours, and again they are also delicious. I use almond milk with my shakes. At first, I was hungry by the end of the day but by day three I did not feel hungry, I do have healthy snacks throughout the day but have found that I don’t need to eat them all, I have found I enjoy my meals more and feel full quicker. I have used them for a week and have lost 2pounds already so really happy. Thank you for the 50%off for key workers too, super quick delivery too, I defiantly will be ordering more when I’m running out. Great company

  13. Natalie B

    Absolutely loved the keyworker 50% off as sometimes we don’t get recognised, after the order, the Nutribuddy are always in contact and it was delivered super quick and I can’t wait to try it 🙂

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