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Nutribuddy Discovery Pack

13 Reviews

I contain sample servings of 20 of our best-selling products in a range of tasty flavours. That equates to 85 days supply of Nutribuddy! Whether you’re unsure of which product suits you best, are keen to find a fresh new flavour or just love a little bit of variety, I’ll help you to find your perfect Nutribuddy match!

Limited Availability: This is a very popular kit. We cannot guarantee that we will always have stock of this as it takes a lot of time and effort to produce it. For this reason we don't offer a subscription for this product. Available whilst stocks last.

Eco-PlantMilk Oaty

Revolutionary powdered vegan milk blend

Nutribuddy Discovery Pack

20 products, 85 meals

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Eco-PlantMilk Oaty

Revolutionary powdered vegan milk blend
1 x 85 days packs
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Benefits of Nutribuddy Discovery Pack

Sample Our Best-Selling Shakes
With such a range of nutritious shakes on offer, picking the right Nutribuddy product can be tricky. I’ll give you the chance to taste-test our best-selling shakes, so you can find the perfect match for your goals, taste and lifestyle.
Find Your Flavour
Unsure if you’re sweet like chocolate, serious about strawberry or would prefer to keep it simple with vanilla? I let you sample each and every flavour, so you can find out which one gets your taste-buds tingling!
Vegan & Contain Gluten-Free Oats
Each and every Nutribuddy product is made with 100% vegan ingredients to have minimal impact on the environment. To top it off, all the oats in the pack are gluten-free and frequently tested to ensure there’s no cross-contamination. Winner!
Low-calorie & Nutritious
Each of the 4 delicious shakes in my pack is low in calories but jam-packed with nutrition. I believe that natural is best, so my products are bursting with real, whole food ingredients and contain no stabilisers, emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives.

What's In The Box?

Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shake

Breakfast Shake

18-day total supply (3-day supply of 6 flavours)

- Vanilla with Crunchy Flaxseeds and Coconut Flakes (3 day supply)

- Chocolate with Crunchy Flaxseeds and Coconut Flakes (3 day supply)

- Strawberry with Crunchy Flaxseeds and Coconut Flakes (3 day supply)

- Smooth Vanilla with Matcha Green Tea (3 day supply)

- Smooth Chocolate with Matcha Green Tea (3 day supply)

- Smooth Strawberry with Matcha Green Tea (3 day supply)

Breakfast Shake is perfect as a grab 'n' go breakfast, being high in fibre and vitamins. Our best-selling product with hundreds of customer reviews raving about how filling it is.

You can read more about our Breakfast shake here.

Shake Complete

Shake Complete

9-day total supply (3-day supply of 3 flavours)

- Vanilla Flavour (3 day supply)

- Chocolate Flavour (3 day supply)

- Strawberry Flavour (3 day supply)

Shake Complete is high in all sorts of nutrients including protein, fibre, carbs and amino acids. This handy shake provides you with a well-rounded and delicious meal and can be taken for either lunch or dinner - whichever you tend to struggle with.

You can read more about Shake Complete here.

Ella McKendrick, founder of Nutribuddy with HotSlim


12-day total supply (28-day supply of 2 flavours)

- Vanilla Flavour (14 day supply)

- Chocolate Flavour (14 day supply)

HotSlim is low in calories yet surprisingly filling and packed with superfoods, meaning this little warm drink is ideal as a dinner replacement or a late-night snack, instead of a naughty hot chocolate.

You can read more about HotSlim here.

High Protein Sculpting Shake

High-Protein Sculpting Shake

9-day total supply (3-day supply of 3 flavours)

- Vanilla Flavour (3 day supply)

- Chocolate Flavour (3 day supply)

- Strawberry Flavour (3 day supply)

High-Protein Sculpting Shake is low in calories and super filling! It makes an excellent snack replacement, satisfying your sweet tooth. It can also be added to smoothies to provide extra protein, nutrients and flavour.

You can read more about High-Protein Sculpting Shake here.

Nutrient Booster

Nutrient Booster

6-day total supply (6-day supply of 1 flavour)

- Nutrient Booster Original (6 day supply)

The vitamin-packed Nutrient Booster is a handy little pack of superfoods goodness. It’s literally bursting with the good stuff but requires minimal time and effort, making for a quick and easy way to boost your day-to-day nutrition.

Read more about Nutrient Booster here.

Instant Chia & Coconut Porridge

3-day total supply (3-day supply of 1 flavour)

- Instant Chia & Coconut Porridge (3 day supply)

Crunch Complete

6-day total supply (6-day supply of 2 flavours)

- Crunch Complete Vanilla (3 day supply)
- Crunch Complete Chocolate (3 day supply)

A yummy and delicious cereal meal made from natural wholefoods such as oats, coconut, seeds and protein. This cereal is bursting with nutritional goodness - high in fibre, high in protein, high in antioxidants and much more.

Read more about Crunch Complete here.

Nutribuddy Eco-PlantMilk


3-day total supply (3-day supply of 1 flavour)

- Eco-Plant-Milk (3 day supply)

This milk is the first of its kind - a blend of powdered vegan milk.

It's more environmentally-friendly than your bog-standard vegan milks. For one, production uses far less water. Did you know 1 glass of almond milk requires 74 litres of water to produce?

You can read more about Eco-PlantMilk here.

Nutribuddy Protein Booster

Protein Booster

6-day total supply (6-day supply of 1 flavours)

- Protein Booster Original (6-day supply)

A blend of 3 different vegan proteins, designed to give you a protein boost! My proteins are: hemp, rice and pea protein. This combination boasts a fantastic amino acid profile.

Read more about Protein Booster here.

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Customer Reviews

13 reviews for Nutribuddy Discovery Pack

  1. Sarah B

    Lost 7 1/2 lbs in my first week using this discovery pack (shake for breakfast & lunch)
    I like the fact this gives you all the products to sample to see what you prefer first.
    Have gone on to subscribe to 3 months of this pack as I like the variety and also ordered the vanilla smooth breakfast shake as that seems to be a firm fave! 😊

  2. Susan B

    I have started using the products and really am pleased with them.
    Great taste and I feel great.

    Definitely will be ordering again, my favourites are the porridge the complete shake and the crunchy breakfast shakes.
    I don’t feel hungry and it has reduced my craving for sweet products.

    I love the fact they are all natural no artificial ingredients. Wish I had come across these products sooner.

  3. Erica Conti

    I received my order two days ago and so far I loved these shakes. They make me feel full and not craving for junk food. I will definitely order it again.
    Also my boyfriend tried them and he likes them too, he is thinking to order some for himself 🙂

  4. Danielle W

    Loving the breakfast package, fills me up nicely for the day and stops me from snacking so far I have lost 3lb 😁

  5. Karen C

    I couldn’t decide on flavours and I didn’t know if the sculpt shake would be filling enough to take to work, so I bought the discovery box. Fantastic idea. I have been able to try all of the Nutribuddy range and have identified my favourites! I am now going to subscribe to a grab and go goody box. Very pleased, lovely product.

  6. Miss Roddis

    This is great if your unsure about any Shake. This is for you

  7. Hannah Roddis

    Bought this for a family member and they loved it

  8. Hannah Roddis

    The best value for money!

  9. Bethany S

    This is an amazing pack as it has everything from Nutribuddy. I am a really fussy eater and have been looking at dieting when I saw Nutribuddy, I was hesitant at first as I didn’t what flavour I would like. But finding out that Nutribuddy has a sample pack😊I was able to try all the flavours to see which I prefer which means I can now buy the bigger packs of Nutribuddy as I know what flavours are my favourite. Hot Slim vanilla and chocolate are gorgeous😋as I love a late night snack/hot drink. And the smooth vanilla/strawberry breakfast shake tastes like a real milkshake. Would definitely recommend getting this starter pack.

  10. Lana P

    This pack is a really good value for money if you have never used Nutribuddy before and want to try out different things to see what suits you best. I have just tried the chocolate breakfast shake with oats and coconut flakes and it tasted really nice! When the box came one of the products had a small slit in it and the product had spilled in the box, probably something that happened on delivery and nothing to do with Nutribuddy. I raised it with Nutribuddy late Thursday night so it wouldn’t have been processed until yesterday, and a new replacement product has arrived in today’s post (Saturday), fab!

  11. Bethany S

    Bought this as want to lose weight and I am very fussy with tastes. This kit is great as you can try each thing to see what you like. Fast delivery. Just tried my first breakfast shake today which was the smooth strawberry with skimmed milk and it’s not that bad, it’s quite nice and very filling. I don’t eat breakfast as it makes me feel unwell but will wait until 10 am to have something instead so this was very filling and nice.

  12. Mandy

    So glad Nutribuddy finally launched a sample pack! There’s actually so much in this box so I’m very happy. My favourite is the strawberry smooth Breakfast so far as I prefer it with a smoother texture but I’m looking forward to trying the vanilla smooth tomorrow! Would be good to have a chocolate smooth option though?

  13. Ellen

    Ordered this on Friday and so pleased it’s arrived already! Pleased with the quick delivery and am excited to try.

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