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Thousands of people trust Nutribuddy to help them acheive their health goals – whether that’s getting lean, improving gut health or boosting their energy. 

Here’s a few of their stories, we can’t wait to hear yours. 

Ella in kitchen with Nutribuddy products

Nutribuddy for Weight Loss


“I’ve dropped dress sizes”


“I’ve lost half a stone!”


“Inches off my thighs and waist”

Nutribuddy for Baby Weight


“I hadn’t lost my baby weight after 16 months.”


“I’m soo pleased with the results already!”


The photos are only 6 weeks apart

Nutribuddy for Health Transformation


“the breakfast shake helped with bloating”


“I feel great”

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Lisa's Results

“I’ve lost 2 stone since June and I feel fantastic. I’ve dropped dress sizes and I love the different flavours; chocolate is my favourite very tasty. I just feel so much more confident with my body now and my family and friends have noticed the difference. I don’t eat any junk food now just love the shakes.”

Lisa's Products

Michelle's Results

“I started Nutribuddy to lose a little weight gained around my stomach area. I had become uncomfortable and bloated after reaching for the quick fix carbs and sugary foods, during lockdown. I took advantage of the key worker discount and never looked back! I’ve lost half a stone! I will now incorporate the products into a healthy diet to maintain my weight and to fuel my workouts. The breakfast shake is by far the best and a must try! I recommend non sweetened oat milk for a creamy, not too sweet boost”

Michelle's Products

Estelle's Results

“I have been using the breakfast shake, sculpture shake and hot drink for the past month and have noticed a change. I have lost over 6lbs and inches on my thighs and waist. Shall definitely be continuing and hopefully, I can reach my 9stone goal. 6lbs to go!”

Estelle's Products

Hannah's Results

“I had my baby 16 months ago and still hadn’t lost my baby weight, I had been struggling to find the motivation and time to loose it. I decide to try the 28 day meal replacement plan to give me a kick start and I have lost 10lb in total! The shakes are all pleasant tasting and are really filling. They are so quick and easy to make too. I enjoyed the breakfast shakes so much I’m going to continue taking them as they are so quick and easy to use and great for on the go!”

Hannah's Products

Shaunagh's Results

“I’ve just done a week of Nutribuddy and I’m soo pleased with the results already! Losing baby weight has been so hard, I’ve really struggled up until now! Can’t wait to see what another week does!! This product is so suited to new mums/ busy mums! Love it!”

Shaunagh's Products

Kayleigh's Results

“6 weeks ago I treated myself to some Nutribuddy shakes after signing up to the gym again after having my 2nd child, I didn’t think that they would help but would make me feel like I was a proper ‘gym go-er’!

How wrong was I!! The photos are only 6 weeks apart and are as a result of 3 sessions in the gym a week combined with your breakfast shake on non-gym days and one of your protein shakes after a gym session. I mix them with non sweetened coconut milk.

I am now hooked on both the gym and your products, so much so I was horrified to realise that I was going to run out the other day so I quickly placed an order on Saturday afternoon and my order arrived on Wednesday, brilliant service and even better given the current climate. Thank You!!

The last photo is me embracing my make up free, post home lockdown workout – something I would NEVER have even considered taking before.”

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Joanne's Results

Joanne's Nutribuddy Before & After Pictures

“After two weeks the breakfast shake helped with bloating and has kick started my fitness regime. As a type 1 diabetic it is handy to have this shake at work when there is very little time for lunch- it means I don’t have to skip meals and feel and look better for it!”

Joanne's Products

Sian's Results

“As a carer working 13 hr days a sandwich would be a quick fix grab and go with bag of crisps bottle of pop that kind of thing so I’d seen nutribuddy ad on social media and thought give it a go. I’ve tried different companies but found either they were too sweet or I was starving but Nutribuddy was very nice and to my liking. I started the journey at beginning of lockdown when the gyms shut and have never looked back! To me I have always had round head, double chin and generally no shape other then big . I see a difference in my appearance and feel great!!! Also I have suffered with oesophagitis historically and this has dropped dramatically thanks to Nutribuddy”

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