Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Brownies

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Who here loves a good brownie? Let’s be honest, we’d probably be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t. After all, they’re literally chocolatey, gooey, food heaven - we’re getting hungry just thinking about them.

So, how do gluten-free, vegan chocolate brownies which are packed with protein sound? Good. Yep. We knew it!

These fudgy, delicious, mouthwatering vegan chocolate brownies are made using the Nutribuddy Sculpting Protein Shake, which is low in calories, high in protein and 100% vegan - pretty great for those of you who’re trying to reach health and fitness goals.

These vegan brownies are great as a snack or an indulgent vegan dessert - you could even top them with some soya cream. Yum!

Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Brownies using the Nutribuddy Sculpting Shake

Prep time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 30 minutes | Makes: 9 brownies


-   130g gluten-free flour
-   90g brown sugar
-   65g cacao powder (cocoa would work, too)
-   230ml almond or oat milk
-   115ml water
-   3 scoops Nutribuddy Sculpting Shake
-   2 tablespoons oil
-   1 tsp baking powder


    1. Before you start, preheat your oven to 160C.
    2. Pop all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and get mixing. Yep, it’s literally that easy! Mix it up until fully combined and smooth.
    3. Line a baking tray and pour the mixture into it.
    4. Pop the baking tray in the oven for 30 minutes, but do check it regularly. When it’s ready, a knife or skewer should come out clean if you poke it in the brownie.
    5. Let them rest for 10-20 minutes (we know it’s hard, but you’ll just have to resist…) and welcome to vegan chocolate brownie heaven!

If you’d like to, you can decorate your protein brownies with some healthy goodies. We’d recommend a blob of palm-oil free (always check the label!) peanut butter and some dried fruits, seeds or nuts sprinkled on top. They also taste amazing with some fresh berries. Yum!

Nutritional Values

We hope you enjoy making and eating these vegan chocolate brownies - we're not going to lie, we're slightly addicted!

Remember to tag us in your vegan chocolate brownies photos using the hashtag #Nutribuddy on Instagram!

Check out more protein treat recipes on our Nutribuddy Sculpting Shake recipe page.  Haven't stocked up on Nutribuddy vegan protein powder yet? Ours is completely organic, 100% natural and free from nasty chemicals, fillers and preservatives - you'll love it!


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