Sweet & Sour Vegan Lentil Dhal

Last Updated 13th April 2022

Lentils are the most versatile, healthy and affordable ingredient out there – yet for some reason, so many people don’t include them in their meals.

Lentils are high in fibre, packed with antioxidants, rich in iron and an inexpensive, convenient way for vegetarians and vegans to get their daily dose of lean protein. Considering they’re so good for you and your pocket (you can pick up a 500g pack of red lentils for around £1.25!), we’d highly recommend including them in as many meals as you can.

One of our favourite lentil based meals of all time has to be a lentil dhal. This traditional Indian dish is made up of lentils, veggies and spices and is super comforting after a long day at work. And, don’t worry, while lentils may seem a bit intimidating if you’ve never cooked them before, they’re actually surprisingly easy to cook!

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Nutritional Values

This sweet & sour vegan lentil dhal recipe packs in tons of veggies, lentil as well as superfoods like turmeric, garlic and ginger to boost your immune system and keep your skin glowing. It works well as a standalone meal or as a side dish as part of a larger Indian-inspired banquet – our favourite!

With that said, let’s jump straight into this delicious, healthy and comforting sweet & sour vegan lentil dhal recipe.

Sweet & Sour Vegan Lentil Dhal Recipe

Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 25 minutes | Serves: 1 | Vegan


- 50g red lentils, rinsed
- 1 tsp turmeric
- ½ tbsp tamarind paste
- 1 tbsp coconut oil
- 1 small onion, thinly sliced
- 1 garlic clove, finely chopped
- 1.5cm piece ginger, grated
- 1 tsp curry powder
- ½ aubergine, cut into 2 cm slices
- Cooked basmati rice, lime or mango chutney and a few coriander leaves, to serve.


  1. Cover the lentils, turmeric and paste with 500ml water. Add some salt and boil for 15 minutes, or until very soft. Skim off any foam that forms on the top.
  2. Meanwhile, heat the coconut oil and cook the onion, garlic and ginger until golden - this should take about 5 minutes.
  3. Add the curry powder and cook for a further 2 minutes.
  4. Pour in the lentil mixture and cook for another 10 minutes (don't worry, we're getting there!).
  5. Meanwhile, heat a griddle pan until very hot. Rub a little coconut oil over the aubergine slices, and then season. Cook them for 2-3 minutes on each side until cooked through and charred.
  6. Serve with the basmati rice, lime or mango chutney and a sprinkling of coriander, if you like - and we're done!

Nutritional Values

Typical Nutritional Values Per Serving
Energy kj 1227
Energy kcal 291
Fat (g) 5.2
of which saturates (g) 3.5
Carbohydrates (g) 47
of which sugars (g) 7
Fibre (g) 8.9
Protein (g) 9.7
Salt (g) 0.06
Nutrient Breakdown Per 100g
Minerals & Trace Elements
Sodium (mg) 6.7
Potassium (mg) 218
Chloride (mg) 25.6
Calcium (mg) 19.8
Phosphorus (mg) 44
Magnesium (mg) 16.7
Iron (mg) 1.3
Zinc (mg) 0.42
Copper (mg) 0.07
Manganese (mg) 0.2
Selenium (ug) 0.77
Iodine (ug) 2
Vitamin A (ret eq) (ug) 5.1
Carotene (ug) 17.2
Vitamin E (mg) 0.09
Vitamin K 1 (ug) 2.2
Thiamin (B1 ) (mg) 0.06
Riboflavin (B2 ) (mg) 0.02
Niacin total(B3 ) (mg) 0.79
Niacin (mg) 0.25
Tryptophan (mg) 21.9
Pantothenic Acid (B5) (mg) 0.13
Vitamin B 6 (mg) 0.12
Folates (B9) Total (ug) 15.3
Vitamin B 12 (ug) 0
Biotin (B7) (ug) 0.39
Vitamin C (mg) 3

We hope you enjoyed this super simple yet uber-healthy sweet & sour vegan lentil dhal recipe! It’s sure to leave you feeling warm, full and energetic thanks to its great range of whole food ingredients.

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