Easy Vegan Protein Pancakes & Protein Balls

egan protein pancakes & vegan protein balls

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Pancake Day may only fall on one day of the year, but we think every day is pancake day. After all, pancakes are probably the most delicious thing ever, right?

Plus, pancakes don't have to be unhealthy. If you add a scoop or 2 of Nutribuddy Sculpting Protein into the mix, they may even be able to benefit you. Yep, that's right - guilt-free, fitness-boosting vegan protein pancakes! You can't go far wrong with that.

Adding protein to your food means you'll be fuller for longer, which can therefore help to banish those cravings for unhealthy snacks (don't worry, we all have them!). Protein also helps your body to build and repair muscle; keeping you strong, fit, healthy and resilient.

One of our fave bloggers, The L Word by Laura, recently shared her favourite protein pancakes recipe using the Nutribuddy Sculpting Protein Shake with her readers. She also threw in some protein balls for good measure - they're another super easy way to increase your protein intake! We tried both out and they're totally delicious and super satisfying.

With that said, let's jump straight into the recipe. Please note, we've substituted the egg in Laura's recipe with vegan egg replacer Orgran No Egg, which you can easily pick up from Holland & Barrett. Feel free to go ahead and use eggs if you're not vegan.

Laura used the Sculpting Whey, which has since been rebranded and reformulated as the Nutribuddy Sculpting Protein Shake.
Vegan Protein Pancakes Recipe & Vegan Protein Balls

Easy Vegan Protein Pancakes using Nutribuddy Sculpting Protein Shake


- 1 cup of oats
- 1 or 2 scoops of Nutribuddy Sculpting Shake
- 2 tsp Orgran No Egg Replacer (mixed with 4 tbsp water) or 2 eggs
- 1 tsp of cinnamon (optional)
- 1 cup of almond milk


  1. Blend all these ingredients together in a NutriBullet or blender.
  2. If you want to, lightly oil the surface of a pan - though ours turned out great without oil!
  3. Scoop a small amount of batter onto the hot pan and cook as normal. It should take around 2-3 minutes, depending on the heat. Then flip and repeat. Keep a close eye on them - they'll burn if you take your eyes away for too long!
  4. Repeat until all the batter has been used, and then add your toppings. Laura recommends yoghurt and berries (Alpro have a lovely, affordable vegan yoghurt), honey and nuts or maple syrup.
  5. Voila! Now, all that's left to do is tuck into your delicious vegan protein pancakes. They're true bliss!
Vegan Protein Pancakes Recipe & Vegan Protein Balls

Easy Vegan Protein Balls Using the Nutribuddy Sculpting Shake


- 10 Medjool pitted dates
- 1 cup oats
- 1-2 scoops Nutribuddy Sculpting Protein Shake
- 2 heaped tbsp chia seeds
- 2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
- 1 cup peanut butter
- Desiccated coconut


  1. Mix the coconut oil, Sculpting Protein Shake, peanut butter and dates together using a blender. This should only take a few seconds!
  2. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add the oats and chia seeds.
  3. Roll into balls.
  4. Scatter over the desiccated coconut and roll in until it's all stuck together.

Laura notes that you can really have fun with these and add in whatever you like - nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cacao or whatever else takes your fancy. They're great as an alternative to a chocolate bar or biscuit when you fancy something sweet - trust us, they'll fill you up for way longer.


Vegan Protein Balls & Vegan Protein Pancakes Recipe

We hope you enjoyed this vegan pancakes & protein balls recipe. We think they're both a convenient, healthy and protein-rich way to satisfy your sweet tooth and prevent unhealthy snacking. If you do try out this recipe, we'd love to see the end result - just upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #Nutribuddy.

You can add the Nutribuddy Sculpting Protein Shake to so many recipes, smoothies and bakes for an easy, extra protein hit. It's super versatile! On top of our vegan protein powder shake, we've got complete meal shakes for the cheeky breakfast or lunch skipper, on our shop page.

Don't forget to check out The L Word By Laura for some seriously great lifestyle, fashiona nand beauty content - she's awesome!

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