Sweet Treat No-Bake Nutribuddy Cheesecake

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While we champion healthy living and think it's great to base your diet around nutritious whole foods, we still think one of the key aspects of a healthy lifestyle is balance. You should totally give in to your cravings and enjoy a mouth-watering sweet treat every now and then - after all, you only live once, right?

This heavenly, fruit, no-bake cheesecake is made using the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake and is sure to satisfy your sugar cravings. It's perfect as a cheeky afternoon snack or to rustle up for dessert when you've got family or friends round for dinner. Plus, it's super easy to make - you don't even need to put the oven on. Winner!

Sweet Treat No-Bake Nutribuddy Cheesecake

Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: None! | Makes: 4 individual cheesecakes


- 85g low-fat biscuits
- 200g tub extra-light soft cheese
- 200g tub 0% fat Greek yoghurt
- 30g Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake (any flavour)
- 2 tbsp good-quality strawberry jam
- 100g strawberries, halved


  1. Put the biscuits in a bag & bash with a rolling pin until you have chunky crumbs. Divide between 4 glasses or small
  2.  Beat the soft cheese, yoghurt and Breakfast Shake together until smooth, then spoon over the crumbs and chill until you are ready to serve.
  3.  Stir the jam in a bowl until loose, then gently stir in the strawberries. Divide the strawberries between the cheesecakes and serve.

Nutritional Values

And there we go! This is one of our go-to desserts and it's literally so easy to whip up. Fancy more indulgent snacks using Nutribuddy? Check out our vegan protein brownie recipe - we literally bake them every week (oops!).

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