Super Simple Vegan Couscous Salad

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If you’re anything like us, you love cooking. But despite our love for rustling up healthy, hearty dishes, some days we just want something super quick and simple which requires no concentration whatsoever.

Well, this super simple vegan couscous salad is the perfect dish for those sort of days. This fresh, tasty couscous recipe will fill you up, is really healthy, full of fibre and takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare and cook – you can’t really go wrong! Plus, you can pretty much chuck in/substitute any spare nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies you have lying around; so don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients.

We’ve added the Nutribuddy Nutrient Booster into this healthy couscous salad recipe, but it’s totally optional. Our handy little pack of superfoods is a quick and convenient way to add a boost of vitamins and antioxidants to your shakes, smoothies and salad (it gives things a really satisfying crunch!).

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Nutritional Values

Super Simple Couscous Salad

Prep & cook time: 10 minutes | Serves: 1 | Vegan


- 50g couscous
- 100ml vegetable stock
- 1 spring onion
- ½ red pepper
- ¼ cucumber
- 25g vegan cheese, grated
- 1 tbsp pesto
- 1 tbsp toasted pine nuts
- A sprinkle of Nutribuddy Nutrient Booster (optional)


  1. Tip the couscous into a large bowl and pour over the vegetable stock.
  2. Cover and leave for 10 minutes until fluffy and all the stock has been absorbed.
  3. Meanwhile, slice the onions and pepper and dice the cucumber. Add the veggies to the couscous.
  4. Fork through the pesto, crumble in the cheese and sprinkle over pine nuts.
  5. If you have it, add a finishing touch of Nutribuddy Nutrient Booster for even more nutrition!

Nutritional Values

And that’s it – we told you it was simple! You can eat this delicious easy couscous salad as a main meal, as a side dish or a starter – we love how versatile it is.

If you often feel too tired or sluggish to make a healthy meal but want to give your body the nutrients it needs, why not check out Nutribuddy shakes? Our products are 100% natural, vegan, organic, gluten-free and packed with whole foods, in the convenience of a shake.

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