Shake Complete v2.0

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New & Improved Formula!

  • Complete lean nutrition from wholefood ingredients
  • All the essential vitamins & minerals
  • High in antioxidants
Each 560g pouch contains 14 servings. The more packs you buy the more you save. We may ship 2 x 14 day packs of the same flavour in the form of 1 x 28 day pack to save packaging.

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Vitamins & Minerals

Balanced Nutrition

With a 50:30:10:10 macro ratio (carbs, protein, fibre, fat) and all the essential micronutrients, Shake Complete is a nutritionally balanced lean meal

The food state vitamins ensure maximum absorption, nourishing your body and providing the fuel you need with nothing you don’t.

Food State Micronutrients

Our bodies aren’t designed to absorb synthetic vitamins. We need complex food structures to get the most goodness. 

Our Food State Vitamins & Minerals are grown into plants, synthesised in a lab. These super-premium nutrients are the highest quality and most absorbable available.

Real Natural Ingredients

Gluten Free Oats

Gluten Free Oats

Humble oats are in fact a cholesterol lowering, gut boosting, hunger satisfying superfood. 

Hemp Seeds

Vegan Protein

Our blend of Rice, Pea & Hemp proteins delivers the full spectrum of amino acids.

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Micronutrient Blend 

Our exceptional food state formulation provides all the vitamins & minerals you need from a meal.


Nutrient Rich Superfoods

Premium matcha & wild blueberries add protective antioxidants to enhance results.

Chia Seeds

Chia & Flax Seeds

Rich in nutrients & fibre, chia and flax seeds add a satisfying texture and keep hunger at bay.

Powerful Results

The last of my baby weight was really stubborn. After just 14 days on nutribuddy (and three 30 minute youtube workouts a week) I can see & feel the difference.

– Laura

I tried the 28 day sculpting bundle and lost 10lb in total! I enjoyed the breakfast shakes so much I’m going to continue taking them.

– Hannah

I’m on my third month of nutribuddy now. It tastes great and is perfect for on the go working mums!

– Lauren

4.8 out of 5


Based on 600+ reviews

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I’ve struggled to shift the ‘baby’ weight. These shakes are so easy to make - taste great, keep me full (so no need for more snacking!!) and help me eat at normal times. Along with my regular weekly workout routine I’ve lost 7lbs in a week using Nutribuddy!! Can’t wait to continue.
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I just love Nutribuddy! It's great, tasty, quick and easy to make for a snack, meal replacement or on the go! I have tried the vanilla and chocolate and just love it! I also change it up a bit with a banana and peanut butter or other nut butters! Try it, you'll love it! ❤️
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I've tried a few of these that claim to be dairy free and keep you feeling full. This is the only one that's been successful. I use these as a breakfast replacement and I stay full until lunch time. They're an absolute godsend. Good price, great company who care about getting it right, great product.
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I’ve just swapped from another protein company, and I thought theirs was good. But now I’ve had my first breakfast shake from Nutribuddy and let’s just say that I won’t be going back to the other one.
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Being the typical yo-yo dieter I have tried countless countless amounts of meal replacement shakes, none so far have I liked. It’s either too sweet or too artificial tasting. Nutribuddy breakfast shake however to date is the best tasting shake I’ve tried. Reminds me of a milky wheatbix. Absolutely delicious. Blend with fruit for a sweet tasting treat!
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Vegan protein done well! The nicest tasting vegan protein with natural ingredients and eco friendly packaging options. I’ve been using for years and highly rate
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I was very sceptical about trying nutribuddy, but I'm so glad I did, my only regret is not trying sooner. The taste is amazing, the consistency is amazing, I feel full and the urges to snack are totally gone, I'm also feeling a lot more energetic, can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring. Thank you nutribuddy!!!
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I love the shakes that I’ve tried so far, absolutely delicious. Everything is a reasonable price and comes quickly. Definitely recommend!
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I've tried a few of these that claim to be dairy free and keep you feeling full. This is the only one that's been successful. I use these as a breakfast replacement and I stay full until lunch time. They're an absolute godsend. Good price, great company who care about getting it right, great product.

You might be wondering

At its simplest, shake it with oat milk and enjoy. Nutribuddy also makes a great base for a quick blended meal. Check out these recipe ideas.

We pride ourselves on having the most natural products on the market. That means no artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. No strange gums or fillers. 

This means our shakes are nutrient rich, easy to digest and super sustainable.

Nutribuddy is a natural product, full of high fibre ingredients. The texture varies between products, but expect ‘natural’ not silky smooth! The taste is great on it’s own, but works as a base for your creations too!

Roughly £1 per meal, but as little as 65p with our bundles & subscription savings. 

Nutribuddy is a valuable tool in a healthy and natural weight loss journey. Check out our full guide on weight loss here.

Nutribuddy is low sugar, low calorie and suitable for vegans & vegetarians. It’s gluten free (although coeliacs should be aware that some people also react to oats).

If you have any other questions, pop us an email on

We aim to despatch orders placed before 12pm on the same day (Mon-Friday). UK shipping takes 24-48 hours from despatch and you’ll receive tracking info.

At busy times and over holidays, despatch may take a little longer.

Nutritionist approved

Slow release energy from oats

High in vegan protein

Rich in essential minerals

High in fibre

Bella with Nutribuddy Breakfast shake and Eco-PlantMilk

65 reviews for Shake Complete v2.0

  1. Lindsay A

    So far so good.
    Keep me full, though the consistency is more liquid than other products i have used.
    Taste is fine.
    Weight coming off slowly.
    Just wish there was more flavours!

  2. Sian C

    This tastes delicious, almost like a blended flapjack! I’ve recently become a new mum so finding time to make something to fill me up is impossible and I’m so happy I’ve found this. I’ve also got IBS and this makes me feel full and satisfied without feeling bloated. I will definitely be buying some more.

  3. Maninder S

    So unexpectedly good, will definitely be trying the strawberry and chocolate flavours soon. Also, didn’t expect it to have bits but that doesn’t bother me at all. Thank you for making these!

  4. Kelly M

    This is delicious. I love that there’s a bit of texture from the oats and the vanilla flavour is really nice. Makes a super quick and nutritious lunch when I’m at work and don’t have time to prepare anything.

  5. Eve H

    I really love these shakes, the shake complete really does fill me up for hours and I love the crunchy bits in it as well.

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