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High-Protein Sculpting Shake

Vegan blend of rice, pea and hemp proteins

100 Reviews

Low calorie blend of vegan whole foods including rice, pea and hemp protein. Ideal as a high-protein meal, snack or exercise companion.

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Vanilla Flavour

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Strawberry Flavour

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Chocolate Flavour

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Trustscore 4.8 | Based on 500+ reviews

Plant-Based Protein

100% plant-based formula.
Clean Formula
100% natural. Free from all nasty chemicals.
Gluten-free oats and all other ingredients are naturally free of gluten.
Local, non-GMO ingredients from trusted suppliers.
Nutirbuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake

Bursting With Goodness

Easily digestible. Free from whey or soy which are harsh on the stomach. Suitable for those with IBS. Learn more about this product's IBS benefits.
All nutrients from wholefoods which studies suggest are easier for our bodies to absorb than artificial vitamins.
Numerous protein sources make this shake rich in nutrients and amino acids.
Enhanced with natural flavours and natural 0 calorie sweetener, stevia.
Approved by a leading UK nutritionist.
Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake's natural wholefood ingredients

Balanced Nutrition. Clean Ingredients

High-Protein Sculpting Shake has a concise list of recognisable ingredients. No fillers. No nasties.

On-The-Go Protein

Mix in under 30 seconds.

Add 20g (2 Nutribuddy scoops) to your shaker bottle.
Add 300-400ml of milk / vegan milk to your shaker. OR you can add 2 scoops of Eco-PlantMilk combined with 300ml of water.
Give it a good shake and it is ready to drink!

Get Creative

High-Protein Sculpting Shake is a versatile shake. There's no right or wrong way to use it. Here are some popular tips and recipes sent in by customers.

Pink Protein Smoothie Bowl using Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake
Adjust sweetness by increasing or decreasing quantity of powder or liquid. Less liquid or more powder = sweeter. More liquid or less powder = less sweet.
For a silky smooth texture, blitz your shake in a blender alongside some fruit. Bananas and berries are popular choices!
Boost nutrient or protein value by adding some Nutrient Booster or Protein Booster. Blender recommended!
Follow one of these recipes. You'll find all sorts of recipes here from protein pancakes to protein brownies.

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Trustscore 4.8 | Based on 500+ reviews

Formulated alongside a leading nutritionist

Kelly Rose, Nutribuddy's Nutritionist

Kelly is an educational nutritionist, registered with The Association for Nutrition in the UK, working with Nutribuddy to ensure all our products have great nutritional values and are genuinely good for you!

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Customer Reviews

100 reviews for High-Protein Sculpting Shake

  1. Hannah M

    I have been trawling the internet for a protein shake that was right for me, and I think I’ve found it!

    I have IBS and trying to find things that work well will my digestion can be a bit of a nightmare.

    I am a student nurse so I am pretty much non-stop whether it’s on campus or the hospital. But I started to notice I was missing lunch due to being afraid that my IBS would kick in while I’m in lectures or working on the wards.

    I knew this wasn’t great and needed to be able to eat so I could focus on my training.

    so I started researching for something that would be suitable, Something quick and easy, not too big and would not upset my stomach.

    I have tried a few different brands of protein shakes and all of them left me feeling sick and bloated for days. I stumbled across an article online about a lady who suffers with IBS, and how Nutribuddy shakes have really helped her.

    I was sold! And to top it off the price is great! Under £30 for a months worth of lunches!

    When i first got to try the shake I used only water…I must say I hated the way it tasted and couldn’t even finish it.

    I saw that it was suggested I use milk and blend it with fruits.
    I used oat milk and bananas.
    It definitely makes a difference and was much more enjoyable.

    It hasn’t set of my IBS so for me it’s a winner! Thank you Nutribuddy!

  2. Carol

    So happy I have stumbled across this product. I have tried so many different protein powders and all of them have triggered my IBS symptoms and left me feeling really cramped and sick. This is the first powder I have found that actually agrees with my stomach and tastes nice! I have brought the vanilla and chocolate but have only tried the chocolate one so far so looking forward to trying the vanilla. Thank you so much!

  3. Aimee E

    Iv tried the vanilla one so far. It’s not the best flavour but with added frozen fruit and blended up its quite nice. I have one for lunch most days .

  4. Hannah de F

    I have significant trouble with my stomach being an IBS sufferer. I have never been able to have protein shakes in the past as they upset my stomach massively and made me bloat. This however blew me away! I can’t believe I’ve finally found a protein shake I can have. I’ve had one every day since my order arrived and my stomach hasn’t bloated at all, and I feel fine. I will definitely be subscribing!

  5. Chantelle B

    All I can say is, wow! I can’t believe how full this shake kept me. I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old. I do school run by bus so I’m always on the go. It has a great taste. I’ve got the chocolate one. I highly recommend this one. Chantelle

  6. Samantha

    This product is so convenient and tastes great! Such a good price too, I have recommended to all of my friends. Quick delivery enabling me to get started strait away!
    Very happy customer 😁

  7. Beatrice

    This protein shake is so convenient and really easy to make.. I just add soy milk and throw it my lunch bag to take to work! Plus it’s delicious!

  8. Zsuzsa P

    I was researching the market for weeks to find the perfect product for my needs. I`m not vegetarian, although have lactose intolerance and IBS which comes with a lot of discomfort if the ingredients aren`t right. I was nervous to try Nutribuddy because of the oat content but have to say, I feel great. I normally replace my dinner with a shake or my lunch if I`m on the go. It`s creamy, tasty, fills me up and I haven`t been bloated since I started to use it. I use a mix of coconut and lactose free milk for the best flavour. Also I lost just about half stone in 8 days with only 1 meal replaced a day. Really pleased, so I subscribed!

  9. Hannah Yates

    After trying both the breakfast smooth chocolate and this chocolate sculpting shake this one is my favourite! I’m currently using this shake as a lunch alternative as I’m on a detox. I love how you just feel healthy because you know the ingredients are good quality. I have just placed a second order to try the strawberry flavors. Also love the point rewards system you use!

  10. Rachel

    I have just started using this shake. I have the vanilla blended with almond milk and a banana and was surprised how tasty it was! Loved the NHS discount too, perfect for when I don’t have time for lunch.

  11. Leanne M

    This shake is so versatile, either on its own or having it with frozen fruit. Have now bought the chocolate one to try too.

  12. Kelly B

    Great taste. Slightly more textured than the breakfast shake so can either blend to smooth or add the nutrients booster for extra texture. Cant wait to see my results!

  13. Sara O

    I use this when on a long day at work and planning on exercising straight away once home, so keeps me going until i have my tea, without the snacking on crisps or a biscuit!

  14. Sharon Jayne B

    Wholesome and honest product! -tastes good too! Bonus!
    I try hard to keep my body full of wholefoods but life does take over so having this quick shake fits into my lifestyle perfectly.

  15. Catalina P

    I have ordered the vanilla version and I enjoy the flavour. Mixes well with milk and it is not powdery at all.

  16. Beatrice M

    Just like the shake replacement meal, this nutritious drink is really tasty and so healthy. I just love everything chocolatey!

  17. Jessica C

    Just tried this vanilla shake for the first time. I have recently switched to almond milk so I used this with the shake. It tastes amazing and the texture is great! Will definitely be purchasing more!

  18. James G

    This is my second purchase. I stumbled upon the NHS discount and so gave it a try. Unlike other shakes you find in the big market, Nutribuddy has non of those disgusting super sweet fake flavours in it. The pea protein taste did take some time to get used to it, but it was a perfect meal on a busy day. Kept me feeling full for hours. I’ve noticed that I’ve been snacking less as well.
    Also, on the customer service side of Nutribuddy…five stars as well! There was a mishap in the order and they offered to send the correct product whilst also keeping the one sent wrong.

  19. Courtney J

    Bought the vanilla protein. Haven’t had it on its own yet but been having it mixed with the vanilla breakfast shake if I have just done a workout and it gives me that energy and boost

  20. Dr. F. Andrea C

    I ventured into trying Nutribuddy only because of the generous offer to NHS workers and I must say I will be forever grateful as I love it and have just placed my second order. The protein shake is so easy to prepare and has made me stop snacking on biscuits, chocolates and crisps. It keeps me full for about 3 hrs. The ingredients are super healthy. The taste takes a little getting used to and you have to shake it up as the heavier ingredients tend to sit at the bottom. All in all, it has definitely helped me lose fat. I feel lighter and healthier. Thank you Nutribuddy!

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