Protein Booster

  • Contains 3 vegan proteins
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Can easily be added to any Nutribuddy shake to pack an extra protein punch
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Protein Booster

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Naturally Powerful

100% plant-based protein blend.
Clean Formula
100% natural. Free from all nasty chemicals.
Free from major allergens including soy.
Local, non-GMO ingredients from trusted suppliers.
Nutribuddy Protein Booster

Convenient Nutrition

This blend of vegan protein provides you with all essential amino acids, something which can't be achieved by just 1 vegan protein on its own.
All nutrients from wholefoods which studies suggest are easier for our bodies to absorb than artificial vitamins.
Each serving adds 7.5 grams of plant-based protein to any shake or cereal you add it to.
Rich in BCAAs which promote muscle growth.
Free from any flavourings, sugar or sweetener.
Approved by a leading UK nutritionist.
Nutribuddy Stainless Steel Scoop

Balanced Nutrition. Clean Ingredients

Protein Booster has a concise list of recognisable ingredients. No fillers. No nasties.

Add to Your Shakes For a Quick Protein Boost

Add 10g (1 Nutribuddy scoop) to any shake.
Protein Booster does have an earthy taste and texture as it is pure protein, therefore, for best results and flavour we recommend adding some fruit (you can choose bananas, berries, anything!) to your shake in a blender.
Give it all a good wiz in the blender!
Your shake is ready to drink and enjoy.

Get Creative

Protein Booster can be used to boost protein content for a variety of foods, not just shakes! Here are some ideas:

vegan meal replacement shakes
Sprinkle into some porridge, cereal or yoghurt.
Add to a fruit smoothie or smoothie bowl.

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