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Crunch Complete

Nutritious breakfast cereal packed with superfoods

6 Reviews

A delicious cereal meal made from whole foods such as oats, seeds and protein. Pour into a bowl with vegan milk and eat up!

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Trustscore 4.8 | Based on 500+ reviews

Pure Plant-Based Nutrients

100% plant-based formula.
Clean Formula
100% natural. Free from all nasty chemicals.
Gluten-free oats and all other ingredients are naturally free of gluten.
Local, non-GMO ingredients from trusted suppliers.

More Than Just a Breakfast Cereal

Contains 3 different vegan protein sources (pea, rice and hemp) which have a strong amino acid profile and pack a protein punch.
All nutrients from wholefoods which studies suggest are easier for our bodies to absorb than artificial vitamins.
Contains several superfoods which are high in countless vitamins and minerals including magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese.
Enhanced with natural flavours and natural 0 calorie sweetener, stevia.
Approved by a leading UK nutritionist.

Balanced Nutrition. Clean Ingredients

Crunch Complete has a concise list of recognisable ingredients. No fillers. No nasties.

Pour and Go

Quick and easy to make.

Add 40g (4 Nutribuddy scoops) to a bowl.
Add 100ml of milk / vegan milk. OR you can add 1 scoop of Eco-PlantMilk combined with 100ml of water.
Give it a mix and it is ready to eat!

Get Creative

Crunch Complete is a versatile cereal. Here are some popular tips and recipes sent in by customers.

Nutribuddy Breakfast Smoothie Bowl by @health_happiness_hannah
Adjust sweetness by increasing or decreasing quantity of cereal or liquid. Less liquid or more cereal = sweeter. More liquid or less cereal = less sweet.
Top your cereal with some fruit. Chopped bananas or a sprinkle of mixed berries are popular choices.
Boost nutrient or protein value by stirring some Nutrient Booster or Protein Booster into your cereal.
For cold winter months you can heat up your milk / vegan milk before adding it.
Experiment with different toppings. Crunch Complete makes an excellent base. You can add some yoghurt (coconut yogurt for vegans), nuts, seeds or maple syrup.

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Trustscore 4.8 | Based on 500+ reviews

Formulated alongside a leading nutritionist

Kelly Rose, Nutribuddy's Nutritionist

Kelly is an educational nutritionist, registered with The Association for Nutrition in the UK, working with Nutribuddy to ensure all our products have great nutritional values and are genuinely good for you!

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Customer Reviews

6 reviews for Crunch Complete

  1. A Rice

    Been using the shakes for a few years now but it’s the first time trying the chocolate crunch, not sure why I haven’t before now because it’s so tasty! Nice to have an alternative for the shakes and I love how easy it is to measure the correct serving. It’s definitely sweet but perfect for me and really knocks those cravings on the head. I have it with coconut milk for breakfast or as a snack. Brilliant product once again Nutribuddy!

  2. Estelle

    I like the texture of this product but personally, for me, it is just too sweet. Having been using Nutribuddy for 2 weeks and eating healthy nutritious meals each day, I’ve been impressed by how the flavours are subtle and don’t taste synthetic. However, the chocolate crunch (for me) tastes like a sugar hit…I personally think it would taste better with less Stevia. If you struggle to meet your sugar fixes in a healthy way then this is for you but for me, it just tastes sickly (sorry!)

    • customerservice8810

      Hi Estelle,

      I’m sorry to hear that you find the Stevia too sweet in the shake for your personal taste.

      There are a couple of things that you can do to reduce the sweetness 🙂

      1. Many milk alternatives come sweetened so as well as the Stevia in the shakes, you get an extra hit of sweetness from your milk – an unsweetened version can help.
      2. If you’re already using an unsweetened milk alternative try adding more liquid to your shake to reduce the sweetness.
      3. If you opted to use cow’s milk, try using a mix of 50/50 of milk and water

      I hope this helps, but I’d like to remind you that you’re covered for 30 days from ordering under the Happiness Guarantee for both opened and unopened products.

      You can read more about this at https://nutribuddy.com/happiness-guarantee/

      Kind Regards,

      The Nutribuddy Team

  3. Chantelle B

    Love the taste of the chocolate crunch!

    I often have a bowl with cold almond milk if I am looking for a night time snack. I used to do the same with cereal but with the chocolate crunch it tastes great and is low in calories. Chantelle

  4. Adele

    So delicious, great for a supper as i have a shake for breakfast! It taste quite sweet but knowing its stevia makes me feel good, love nutribuddy, and so glad of the blue light card discount !! Thanks!!

  5. Aimee Pearce

    Genuinely love this new product, tasty and filling without being loaded with sugar. Looking forward to my next order!

  6. David D

    Amazing how many cereals seem to be crammed with processed sugar these days! Great to have this genuinely healthy option. I’m enjoying this for breakfast. You can taste the quality!

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