Breakfast Shake

(564 customer reviews)
  • Made with gluten-free oats
  • 100% natural wholefood ingredients
  • A quick breakfast on the go
Each 420g pouch contains 14 servings. The more packs you buy the more you save.

Chocolate Smooth

Smooth, chocolatey & indulgent
- +

Strawberry Smooth

A blast of berries
- +

Vanilla Smooth

Versatile vanilla shake
- +

Strawberry Crunchy

With Crunchy Flaxseeds & Coconut Flakes
- +

Chocolate Crunchy

Choco feast with satisfying texture from flaxseed & coconut
- +

Vanilla Crunchy

Versatile vanilla with satisfying texture from flaxseed & coconut
- +

Naked Crunchy

Unsweetened or flavoured with satisfying texture from flaxseed & coconut
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Add Stainless Steel Scoop

To help protect the environment, we have phased out the use of plastic scoops. Purchase me instead!
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Add Reusable Glass Jar with Twist Lid

Stores 14 days of Eco-PlantMilk, HotSlim, High Protein Sculpting Shaker, Nutrient Booster or Protein Booster.
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Add Shaker Bottle Pink

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Add Shaker Bottle White

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1 x 14 days packs
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564 reviews for Breakfast Shake

  1. Bethany J

    First time ordering with Nutribuddy and I am so pleased. Speedy delivery. Great tasting vanilla breakfast shake which I make up with no added sugar oat milk. It’s delicious whilst subtle enough to withstand the addition of fruit. I also purchased the shaker and scoop which are great accessories. Can’t wait to order again. A delicious way to start the day. Thank you Nutribuddy.

  2. Emily R

    First shake I’ve ordered that I actually enjoy. I mix with oat milk and sometimes blend with fruit. Perfect for busy mornings.

  3. Rachel L

    Love the breakfast shakes, the Vanilla one is amazing, looking forward to trying the other flavours. So handy when I’m in a rush. I add a banana and it’s amazing!

  4. Laura L

    I’ve just swapped from another protein company, and I thought theirs was good. But now I’ve had my first breakfast shake from Nutribuddy and let’s just say that I won’t be going back to the other one.

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