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Nutribuddy in a Nutshell

Nutribuddy specialises in selling health foods in the forms of nutritious shakes and some cereals. Our products are real foods, not supplements. They are designed to be taken as meals when busy lifestyles prohibit us from sitting down and cooking.

At Nutribuddy we strive to create products with pure, natural formulas that are accessible to everyone. This means that all of our products are free from artificial additives, fortified vitamin blends, major allergens and animal products.

Instead our products are made using vegan wholefood ingredients. We take great care in choosing our suppliers, only purchasing our wholefoods from trusted, small-scale suppliers (including small farms and family businesses) and often ordering organic ingredients where possible.

Creating products as natural as ours certainly hasn’t been easy! After learning the hard way that third-party manufacturing facilities would only create products packed full of additives in order to make them flow smoothly through their machines, we were left with no other choice but to set up our own manufacturing facility. Putting these additives in our products was not an option for us!

Therefore all our products are made at our own facility in Manchester in custom-made machines that work well with our natural products. Our state of the art factory is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Nutribuddy was set-up in 2016 by 21 year old, university-drop-out, Ella McKendrick.