Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes For Healthy Weight Loss

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Nutribuddy White Shaker Bottle

Save Time, Save Money and Lose Weight.

With Nutribuddy, Your Happiness is Guaranteed.

We’re one of the leading vegan meal replacement shakes companies in the UK but we’re also a small business.

We’re passionate about helping you save time and money whilst losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.


Meal Shakes Not Meal Replacement Shakes

Nutribuddy shakes are real food.

Most meal replacement shakes are ‘supplements’ not real food. They are usually a blend of processed proteins, thickeners, emulsifiers and then they throw in an artificial vitamin blend so they can be classed as meal replacements.

That’s not food which is why they class them as supplements.

We belive if you’re going to replace a meal you want to replace it with a shake made of real food. Why? Because that’s tastier, healthier, more filling (which gives better weight loss results).

Our shakes are made from whole foods – we provide your body with real food and the vitamins and minerals come from the natural whole foods. Which gives better absorption compared with added vitamins and minerals.

Shake Complete alongside its natural whole-food ingredients

Proven weight loss results

Our customers report fantastic weight loss results using Nutribuddy Shakes.

It turns out that replacing either meals or snacks with Nutribuddy shakes helps people feel fuller for longer and thus decreases snacking.

A lot of the food we eat these days is empty carbs, we eat it and put on weight but it doesn’t keep us feeling full. Nutribuddy is designed to have very high satiety for the amount of calories. It’s really unprocessed food and it fills you up with minimal calories and keeps you full for longer.

Not surprisingly this leads to weight loss. Learn more about how to use Nutribuddy for weight loss or view customers weight loss results.

Our Happiness Guarantee

Over 500 happy customers on TrustPilot

Most of our customers rave about Nutribuddy. However, we’re a very natural product and not for everyone.

How do we keep all out customers happy?

Well if you’re not 100% happy with your Nutribuddy purchase you can return it and we’ll give you Nutribuddy points to order something else. If you don’t want something else just let us know and we’ll arrange a refund.

We really do care about making sure every single customer has a good experience with Nutribuddy.

Ella with Nutribuddy Eco-PlantMilk

The people behind Nutribuddy

Often big companies are run by bean counters. Not Nutribuddy, it’s run by Ella, the founder. Ella is passionate about food and customer satisfaction.

We never cut costs when it comes to our products. We drive down costs by buying in bulk and improving production, never by compromising on ingredients – they are the core of our product and you can really taste the quality.


State of the art production facility

Total quality control for us and the best value for you

We’re obsessed with quality – that’s why we make the shakes ourselves in our state of the art facility in Manchester.

When you work with 3rd party manufacteres they often need to add nasties to the products to make them flow better through their machines. Instead we built a manufacturing plant from the ground up to work with natural products.

We also train each member of our production team to the highest levels of food safety and have a full food safety management system in place to ensure every single Nutribuddy shake is perfect. Every member is certified to food safety level 2 and most to level 3.

Zoe Nutribuddy Team Profile

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