Weight Loss Shakes Vs Diet Pills: Which is Best?

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Weight loss and how best to achieve it is a very well searched topic, and with good reason. Losing weight can come with many health benefits when done safely and at a steady rate.

But what is the best way to lose weight?

When the market is flooded with so many options, it can be difficult to choose.

Both diet pills and weight loss shakes are popular product choices but which is best for you and do they work?

What Are Weight Loss Shakes and How Can They Help with Weight Loss?

Weight loss shakes are meal replacement shakes, designed to provide the same (if not, better) nutritional profile than a traditional solid-food meal, but with considerably less calories.

They are consumed in place of one or two meals a day and because they contain fewer calories, they create a calorie deficit for the individual.

This causes the person drinking the shakes to lose weight as they’re able to adapt their calorie intake to provide less energy for the body than it needs for its daily activities and exercise.

What Are Diet Pills and How Can They Help with Weight Loss?

Diet pills are medications that block the way the body absorbs nutrients from food.

Many people consider them an ‘easy’ way to burn through fat without subscribing to the standard healthy diet-regular exercise-active lifestyle method, as they believe them to work regardless of the rest of their lifestyle.

Diet pills used to be prescription-only, but now the internet is flooded with different options.

Diet pills can work in a different ways, but the usual methods are through appetite suppression, the reduced absorption of nutrition or an increased rate of fat burning.


What Are The Benefits of Weight Loss Shakes?

Weight loss shakes are a convenient way to consume a healthy and well-balanced meal quickly and on-the-go.

Their premium nutritional profile is a huge selling point – as most of us simply aren’t able to plan, create and enjoy a meal that’s healthy, perfectly balanced and delicious twice a day.

This means that as well as helping you to lose weight, you are consuming healthy nutrients at the same time.

There are many natural weight loss shakes available which have little to no side effects. This makes them a safe way to lose weight.

An example of a natural weight loss shake with no known side effects are Nutribuddy’s range of weight loss shakes.

What Are the Benefits of Diet Pills?

If prescribed by a Doctor, diet pills can be successful in helping individuals shift excess weight quickly and without too much effort.

The latter benefit is the most popular.

As consumers don’t need to make drastic or uncomfortable changes to their lifestyle but can still enjoy a loss, diet pills are frequently viewed as the easiest way to lose weight.

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Are There Any Safety Concerns with Weight Loss Shakes?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of weight loss shakes available for purchase.

Not all weight loss shakes are formulated to be nutritionally beneficial, instead thickening out their nutritional profile (and shake texture!) with synthetic additives and less-than-healthy ingredients.

A common example of unhealthy weight loss shakes are those that contain laxative ingredients such as senna. These are often marketed as ‘detox’ shakes and should be avoided for many reasons.

Firstly, laxative effects can be dangerous. It can interfere with any medication you are taking and cause dehydration.

Secondly, although you may lose weight initially, the weight loss is unsustainable which means as soon as you stop taking the product, the weight will likely pile back on.

In these cases, weight loss shakes may prove insufficient to provide sustainable weight loss and/or good health, so it’s imperative that you check, and understand, the entire ingredients list.

But there are many available which do have healthy and beneficial ingredient lists, such as Nutribuddy shakes. These are free from laxatives and artificial ingredients.

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Are There Any Safety Concerns with Diet Pills?

Diet pills, when not prescribed, are extremely controversial.

Some pills are actually laxatives, which stimulate your gut into emptying and so shortening the amount of time your body has to absorb nutrients from food and drink.

The most common, and arguably most dangerous side effect of laxative consumption is dehydration.

Dehydration, if not treated early, can result in dizziness, low blood pressure, seizures, and even organ failure.

But there are far more dangerous ingredients often used in diet pills.

Many diet pills contain a high caffeine content.

Consuming lots of caffeine stimulates the metabolism and thus promotes fat burning.

But it also causes many undesired side effects such as jittering and a fast heart rate.

Dexaprine, a popular diet pill now banned in the UK (but still, unfortunately, available online), that works by increasing fat burning, has even been implicated in the death of otherwise healthy individuals.

Every medications side effects are different, and due to the pharmaceutical nature of diet pills, they should never been consumed without having sought medical advice from a professional first.

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Which is Best: Diet Pills or Weight Loss Shakes?

Everyone is different, and what works for some people won’t for others.

If you have been prescribed a weight loss medication or supplement by a Doctor for medical reasons, you should abide by this prescription and take your diet pills as directed.

However, if there is not a health need for you to take a medication, they should be avoided.

Weight loss shakes are by no means a miracle cure to melt off your excess pounds, but they are convenient, delicious and really healthy when formulated correctly.

Yes, you still need to lead an active and otherwise healthy lifestyle, but this should be a goal regardless of your fitness and/or weight objectives.

You know the saying: never worth having ever came easy.

Perhaps not, but there’s no mean to think you can’t have fun with these changes and new ventures too! 

Nutribuddy products are designed by a nutritionist to ensure the most thorough nutritional profile possible and are available in a variety of flavours to suit all tastes.

They can even be made healthier and more varied by including them in other recipes so that your meals never feel same-y or boring.

What’s more, all Nutribuddy weight loss shakes and associated products are GMO-free, allergen-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and totally vegan – so essentially anyone with any dietary requirements are able to enjoy them. 

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