Weight Loss Shakes – Everything You Need to Know

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Shakes are a popular solution for weight loss.

It’s not surprising really as studies have hailed weight loss shakes as an effective way to lose weight – so much so that they’re recommended by the NHS.

The market is filled with weight loss shakes, each one claiming to be the holy grail of weight loss.

But not all weight loss shakes are created equal.

In this guide we’re going to help you understand everything you need to know about weight loss shakes and help you find the right one for your lifestyle.

What Are The Best Weight Loss Shakes?

The best weight loss shakes are not only effective, but are safe too.

It can be hard to find a shake that ticks both these boxes.

The good news is that we have scoured the web already and these are our top recommendations.

Why Are These The Best Weight Loss Shakes?

In short, Nutribuddy weight loss shakes are the only shakes we could find which are made with 100% natural, wholefood ingredients which are completely free from nasty side effects.

They are also allergen-free, vegan and safe to take whilst pregnant and breastfeeding.

As if their composition wasn’t impressive enough, the shakes are backed-up by thousands of glowing reviews from customers including over 260 5 star reviews on independent review site, Trustpilot.

Nutribuddy has an overall Trustpilot score of 4.8, the highest in the entire weight loss shake industry.

The Nutribuddy website also has a page dedicated to customer before and afters which show impressive weight loss results.

These are just a handful of reasons why we believe Nutribuddy shakes are the best weight loss shakes.

We have lots more information on the factors to consider on our guide to choosing the best weight loss shakes.

Nutribuddy Shake Complete by JustHelina
Nutribuddy Shake Complete by JustHelina

10 Thing to Look for in Weight Loss Shakes

Criteria Nutribuddy Other Meal Replacement Shakes
All nutrients from wholefoods Yes – this is the best way to get nutrients No, most use artificial vitamin and mineral blends
Free from additives (Thickeners etc) Yes – Nutribuddy contains no additives No – most contain thickeners / emulsifiers and other nasties
Hypoallergenic Yes No
Gluten-free Yes – Nutribuddy use gluten-free oats and other ingredients are naturally gluten-free Most are not gluten-free
100% Vegan company Yes – Nutribuddy only sell vegan products and share vegan ethics In most cases no
Money back guarantee Yes Happiness Guarantee No
Developed with nutritionalists Yes In most cases no
Price per shake From 50p £1.30 – £2.00
Strong environmental credentials? Yes – Nutribuddy use Glass jars, reusable tubs & are working towards compostable pouches No – Many have brought out single use plastic containers
Proven results Hundreds of reviews online and before and after pictures Mixed results
vegan meal replacement shakes

Do Weight Loss Shakes Work?

The simple answer is yes!

Seriously, study after study after study has yielded results that suggest that weight loss shakes are an effective way to both lose weight and keep the weight off afterwards.

Studies have been so compelling that the NHS is reviewing their dieting advice to include weight loss shakes as a solution to obesity.

Results will be best if you take weight loss shakes alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With Weight Loss Shakes?

1-2 lbs per week is considered the best weight loss rate by the NHS.

This is considered a healthy rate and you are much more likely to keep the weight off in the long-run.

Some weight loss shakes may promise fast or rapid weight loss but this is dangerous and you are much more likely to pile the weight back on once you finish using the product.

woman on weight loss scales

Are Natural Weight Loss Shakes Worth the Hype?

‘Natural’ is a new buzzword these days. But what does it mean really and is it worth going out of your way to find?

Ingredients are split into 2 categories: natural and artificial.

Natural means the ingredient occurs organically whereas an artificial ingredient is man-made.

Studies conducted on artificial ingredients have produced worrying results.

For example, artificial sweeteners (a common ingredient in weight loss shakes) such as sucralose and aspartame have had some concerning studies conducted upon them which suggest links to cancer.

Furthermore, natural ingredients are not as easily absorbed by our bodies so you are less likely to see positive effects from the ingredients you are eating.

There are many more reasons why natural weight loss shakes are far superior to artificial ones.

You can read more about the benefits of natural weight loss shakes in our in-depth guide to natural weight loss shakes.

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Cheap Weight Loss Shakes: Does Price Really Matter?

Whilst browsing through the plethora of weight loss shakes, you’ll notice a variety of prices.

Of course, the budget options will seem temping.

But it’s important to consider why these shakes are so cheap.

High quality, natural ingredients are more expensive than synthetic ones.

Therefore natural weight loss shakes may not be the cheapest on the market.

For example, the oats used in Nutribuddy shakes are certified gluten-free oats which are 3 times the price of regular oats.

We’ve highlighted 6 reasons why the cheapest weight loss shakes may not necessarily be the best.

You can read the full article here.

many ingredients are concerning

What Are the Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying Weight Loss Shakes?

Perhaps the biggest mistake which so many people make is sadly not checking the product’s ingredient list before purchasing.

Ingredients are so important.

Without knowing it, you could be consuming harmful ingredients which have undesired effects.

It’s surprising that in this day and age many weight loss shakes do contain harmful ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, laxatives, caffeine, artificial thickeners… the list goes on!

But this is just 1 mistake of many.

We’ve highlighted 7 mistakes frequently made when selecting weight loss shakes.

You can read our guide here.

What Makes a Weight Loss Shake Healthy?

I think we can all agree that healthy is so important.

So it makes sense that we want to find the healthiest possible shakes for our diet.

There are several factors that make a weight loss shake healthy.

First of all, you’ll want to look for a short, clean list of natural ingredients.

As a rule of thumb, steer clear of any ingredient that you do not understand the name of.

You’ll also want to avoid any laxative or highly-caffeinated ingredients, most commonly found as senna leaves (a laxative) and caffeine.

Weight loss shakes which contain zero allergens are also healthier, especially if you have specific dietary requirements.

Even if you don’t have any known allergies, hypoallergenic formulas will still be gentler on your stomach.

Check out our guide on everything you need to know about healthy weight loss shakes.

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What About Vegan Weight Loss Shakes?

Contrary to popular belief, vegan weight loss shakes are just as effective as regular weight loss shakes.

They’re actually a great option for everyone, not just those who follow a vegan diet.

Being vegan, a weight loss shake will not contain any ‘whey’ which is a popular ingredient that contains lactose.

Whey is an allergen and can have a negative effect on the stomach, even for people who aren’t allergic to lactose.

But that’s just one reason why vegan weight loss shakes are a fantastic option.

To learn more, read our article on vegan weight loss shakes.

woman drinking meal replacement shake

What are the Best Weight Loss Shakes for Women?

There are several biological differences between men and women which should be considered when choosing your weight loss shake.

Women are recommended to consume slightly fewer calories than men so a super high-calorie shake isn’t ideal.

Let’s face it a super high-calorie shake isn’t great for weight loss either!

You’ll want to look for a shake that around 200-300 calories per shake once liquid has been added.

Remember, many weight loss shakes will only tell you the calorie count of the powder, not the calorie count of the entire shake with the milk that you will later add.

So bare in mind that a calorie-count of a shake will increase once you add your liquid of choice to it.

Have a red of our full guide to the best weight loss shakes for women.

meal replacement shakes for women

Final Thoughts

There are so many factors to consider when delving into the world of weight loss shakes.

After spending hours researching weight loss shakes (and a little… OK a lot of help from one of the best nutritionalists in the UK), we were able to formulate what we believe are the best shakes on the market.

Not only are all Nutribuddy shakes made with natural ingredients, the ingredients are derived from wholefoods which are much better for our health.

By using a minimalist, vegan formula, we ensure our shakes are as pure and healthy as possible.

You can shop our full range of best-selling shakes here.

Nutribuddy Grab N Go Goody Box - Breakfast Shake & Shake Complete

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