Protein Shakes for IBS: Emily’s Nutribuddy Story

Protein Shakes for IBS

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Living with IBS can be a huge challenge. This long-term condition, which affects the digestive system, varies in severity but is often severe enough to affect an individual’s day-to-day work and lifestyle.

Common symptoms include pain, cramps and discomfort in the tummy, changes in toilet habits (such as needing to go more, or less, than ‘normal’) and severe bloating, but the condition can also make sufferers feel extremely tired, sick and achy.

Blonde girl by the sea in blue coat

And while the physical symptoms alone can be a nightmare, the mental toll can be just as much of a burden. IBS symptoms can be difficult to talk about, meaning those with the condition often end up feeling helpless and isolated.

It’s not exactly easy to talk to roommates, friends and family about your cramps and toilet needs, but ultimately, anyone dealing with a condition with like IBS deserves support. That’s why we’re a humungous fan of vegan blogger, Emily (@blondepitaya), who is determined to break the IBS taboo once and for all.

Emily is an IBS and mental health warrior

Opening up about her IBS journey to her online following, Emily aims to raise awareness about the condition and hopes to encourage more people to open up about their journey, too.

“It’s so important that people with chronic illnesses build each other up, share skills and educate others about it.” she preaches (quite rightly, too!) on her Instagram account.

Girl in mirror with IBS

Speaking to Nutribuddy, Emily said: “It’s so important to talk about IBS because one in five people in the UK suffers from it at some point, with women twice as likely to be affected than men. But growing up, it’s something I never saw in the media.”

“If we talk about IBS, it will not only be more understood as an illness but those suffering will know there is help out there. And, that there is a way to live a normal life alongside this condition.”

We couldn’t agree more. Ultimately, IBS sufferers should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about or seek support for managing their condition. Breaking the stigma, by talking about it as openly as we would any other condition, is a sure-fire way to work towards this.

“Nutribuddy is my IBS saving grace”

Everyone has different IBS ‘triggers’ (the foods which can cause IBS symptoms to flare up), but it can take quite some time to figure them out. Common triggers, however, include gluten (and therefore, most refined grains), processed, fried or fatty foods, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, alcohol, dairy products and allergens in general.

Thanks to the hypoallergenic, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free ingredients found in Nutribuddy shakes, Emily has found our products to be a helpful aid in her IBS journey.

Girl in mirror with protein shake for IBS

Nutribuddy is my IBS saving grace. As someone who is highly active, I really love to push myself with extreme sports such as scuba diving and snowboarding – but these activities do not always mesh well for someone with a chronic digestive problem.”

“The anxiety of having an attack is often much worse than actually having one, which is where Nutribuddy comes in to save the day. When I’m doing something active away from facilities such as scuba diving I need energy, but I don’t want to risk a reaction or trigger any food-related anxiety.”

“Nutribuddy is the perfect source of energy for me to turn to when I’m out on the boat or on the mountain and need fuel. I don’t have to worry about my IBS and my body is kept working at its optimum so I can enjoy the sport. I also LOVE travelling and Nutribuddy works wonders for me during my trips too! It’s easily mixed with water so that any IBS travel concern is handled! Not to mention the formula is organic, vegan and with no nasty preservatives!” she said on Instagram.

Girl doing yoga with IBS friendly meal replacement shake

“It’s hard to find trustworthy products without nasty chemicals”

As a keen sports and fitness enthusiast, Emily was initially drawn to our High-Protein Sculpting Shake, but has recently tested out our Shake Complete, too.

Reviewing the product on her profile, she said: 

Did you know that many people with IBS often skip meals to avoid symptom flare-ups in awkward places? Morning fasting can have numerous benefits for the IBS gut, but skipping meals altogether is never a good idea. What makes matters worst is that often the stress associated with having an IBS attack; in addition to daily life stressors such as job interviews, dates and work can also trigger one.”

Girl doing yoga with IBS friendly meal replacement shake

“I was recently gifted the new Nutribuddy Rose Gold Shake Complete. I have always used the Nutribuddy Sculpt Protein Powder as a workout and IBS meal companion, so I was eager to try something new. As with any Nutribuddy product, the ingredients are super high quality using only organic whole foods, which includes gluten-free oats. This makes the formula easily digestible for tricky IBS tums like mine.”

“There is less protein in this shake compared to the Sculpt, making it much more suitable for an IBS meal replacement, as you don’t want to overload on protein if you are not exercising. The carbohydrate base of this shake releases energy slowly, keeping you fuelled through any stressful situation. The taste is creamy and filling and strangely like a kinder egg. You feel like you are having a meal not a drink as the texture is full of seeds, oats and coconut.”

Blonde girl with IBS friendly meal replacement shake

“I used this shake when I had a job interview and found it filled me up and gave me enough energy to get me through the day with no anxiety related tummy problems. I’ve also used it at work alongside a few nutritious snacks such as raw bars and fruit, which was equally a success. Overall I’m really happy with this product as I have a separate shake product to turn to for IBS days and I can keep my protein sculpt powder purely for fitness boosts.”

Emily’s quick & easy pre-workout Nutribuddy protein smoothie

If you also struggle with IBS and are looking for an easy-on-the-stomach protein boost or satisfying smoothie, Emily suggests the following Nutribuddy recipe:

• 2 scoops of Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake or Shake Complete
• 2 frozen bananas
• 2 splashes of dairy-free milk

@blondepitaya making an IBS friendly protein smoothie

“The frozen bananas are my secret weapon as they create a cold and creamy texture. You will also need a high powdered blender for frozen fruit. If you don’t have a high powered blender try chopping the fruit as small as you can before you freeze it!”

Check out the finished product below – simple, delicious and gentle on the stomach! Yum.

IBS friendly protein smoothie recipe

If you suffer from IBS and are looking for a meal replacement shake or protein shake which is hypoallergenic, gluten-free and made with IBS-friendly ingredients, do take a look at our store.

We operate on a happiness guarantee, so in the unlikely event that the shakes don’t work for you, you can swap it for a new product or have the points refunded on your account – even if the product has been opened!

Don’t forget to follow Emily and Nutribuddy on Instagram for more IBS advice and tasty vegan recipes!

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