Making Healthier Choices: Emma’s Nutribuddy Journey

Emma's Nutribuddy Health and Fitness Journey

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Here at Nutribuddy, we love nothing more than learning the inspirational stories of men and women, armed with determination, who’ve decided to work towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

So many of our customers have met (and often exceeded) their personal health and fitness goals – and it’s safe to say it puts a smile on our faces every single time!

Cat drinking Nutribuddy Pink Smoothie
Seeing our customer’s success stories makes us smile even more than cats do… and that’s a pretty tough task 🐱 Photo by JustHelina.

We feel that these goals should never be about reaching an unrealistic weight or meeting ridiculous beauty standards, but rather, feeling happy and healthy in your own skin. You can’t go far wrong whilst aiming to create healthy habits and achieve a happy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

And that’s exactly why Emma’s (@my_gf_weightloss_journey) health and fitness journey caught our eye:

Emma previously suffered from bulimia

Speaking on an Instagram post, Emma explains:

I thought I would start my first post off letting you all get to know a bit about myself and my dieting past and to also remind myself that I CAN DO THIS!! 

Girl with red hair and nose piercing
Meet the beautiful Emma!

I did it back in 2013 and lost 108lbs in 15months. My journey started off good with a lot of hard work, breaking down my barriers and going to exercise classes and the gym and keeping a food diary. I was completely committed – 110%. 

Unfortunately though, about 11-12 months into the journey, my thoughts turned a bit too obsessive and it resulted in me developing Bulimia and Obsessive-compulsive Eating Disorder. Laxatives were my downfall and even one KitKat finger resulted in me off to the gym for a few hours and basically doing silly things. Back then though, I wouldn’t admit to myself or anyone else just how unhealthy they were.

It was only when a dear family friend, not much younger than myself at the time, lost her life due to an eating disorder, that it hit me what I was doing and that I could seriously do myself harm and would leave behind my beautiful kids and family. 

5 years later I am older, wiser and know my triggers and feel ready to do this properly with the support of friends and family and my little Instagram crew! 

Now, she’s determined to make healthier choices

We love how open and honest Emma has been about her struggles with her body image, bulimia and weight loss. It’s all too easy to get caught in the trap of obsessing over the number on the scales and fretting eating too many calories, so we’re certain her story will inspire others to aim for healthy choices, rather than unrealistic goals.

Emma recently opened up to Nutribuddy about her journey, and we have to say, she’s one amazing gal. Here’s what she had to say:

I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t fall into the trap which seemed to occur when I was ‘dieting’. I thought, no, I’m simply going to be healthier, make better food choices and snack on more nutritious foods.

Pink lunch wrap and Nutribuddy breakfast pancakes
Emma, can we please come round for dinner?!

I’d been made aware of Nutribuddy from a fellow Mum in the past, so looked it up online and thought it’d be great for me. Although I’ve only been using it for 4 weeks now, I can really feel the benefits. I’ve more energy, feel fuller for longer and don’t need to worry about not having anything to eat if I’m really busy – the shakes are so quick and easy to prepare!

Emma started out with our Breakfast Bundle, which includes our best-selling Breakfast Shake and our hearty but healthy Coconut & Chia Seed Instant Porridge.

I also got a bonus HotSlim which tasted so lovely! I sometimes add a spoonful of honey to it before bedtime. I now also use the High-Protein Sculpting Shake and love how versatile they are. I use them in shakes, baked oats, pancakes, overnight oats and muffins etc… I really love them!

Emma's Nutribuddy Journey: Healthy Spinach Smoothie
Emma loves making Nutribuddy smoothies

She recommends taking things one step at a time

Emma’s journey is totally inspirational, so we felt it was only right to ask her for her top tip for anyone else who’s looking to make better choices and lead a healthier lifestyle.

I would say, set yourself small goals and take things one step at a time, so it’s not too overwhelming for the long-run. Plan ahead when you can too, as it really does stop and spur of the moment relapses. Always try to vary your meals and shakes, so you never get bored. Variety is key to life!

Emma's Nutribuddy Health and Fitness Journey Before & After
Don’t forget to keep up to date with Emma’s journey on Instagram

We love Emma’s passion for helping others on their path to a healthier lifestyle and her commitment to feeling good in her own skin. Emma, you’re a true inspiration to your kids, your followers and everyone reading this blog – so there’s no better way to end this post than these lovely words you shared on Instagram:

I always obsess over my size, my psoriasis and how people perceive me, instead of loving the good things about myself. Things like being a good mum, being polite, caring and creative.

So, if YOU were to be obsessed over the things you LOVE about yourself what would those be?

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