Lose Weight With Nutribuddy Shakes

At Nutribuddy we are passionate about helping you to reach your weight loss goals at a healthy and sustainable rate.

We want to help you put the building blocks in place to ensure you not only lose weight but maintain your weight loss long-term.

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Weight Loss Shakes With A Difference

Natural Formulas
Made with real foods which are bursting with nutrition.
Vegan Nutrition
100% plant-based products.
No Nasties
No dubious or artificial ingredients.
Certified gluten-free oats and all other ingredients naturally gluten-free.

The Best Choices for Weight Loss

Below are 3 shakes which are an ideal choice if you want to lose weight.

Breakfast Shake

Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shake

A nutritious blend of oats and seeds, perfect as breakfast on-the-go.

Quick to mix up, making Breakfast ideal for those who skip meals. Studies suggest that skipping meals can lead to weight gain.
A high fibre and slow-release carb content makes Breakfast filling.
Contains soluble fibre which slows absorption of fat into the body and helps it pass through instead.
Slow-release carbs keep you feeling fuller and energised for longer, preventing the need for snacking.

Sculpting Shake

High Protein Sculpting Shake

A high-protein shake, containing 3 varieties of vegan proteins. Ideal as a meal or alongside a workout.

Studies show that foods high in protein, such as our High-Protein Sculpting Shake keep you fuller for longer.
Studies suggest that a high protein intake can speed up metabolism and thus help you burn more calories.
Research is finding that diets that are high in protein help with weight maintenance, meaning you are far less likely to gain weight again compared to regular supplements.
When used alongside exercise, can help with muscle growth and recovery.



A low-calorie warm drink made of oats and superfoods. Ideal as a snack replacement.

Low in calories but high in nutrients whilst satisfying any sweet cravings, HotSlim is ideal as snack replacement.
Studies suggest that consuming lots of calories before bed can lead to weight gain. Therefore having a light shake instead like HotSlim can be beneficial as it curbs cravings without giving you too many calories.
Contains matcha green tea which studies suggest can assist with weight loss.
Has a rounded nutritional profile and is high in fibre, slow-release carbs and protein.

Nutribuddy’s Meal Replacement Bundle

Our Meal Replacement Bundle is the perfect bundle for those looking to lose weight, containing all 3 products listed above. Read our in-depth article on how to use the Meal Replacement Bundle for weight loss.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Nutribuddy shakes have helped thousands of people reach their goals.

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