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Nutritious Food On-The-Go

Nutribuddy offer nutritious yet convenient meals which are only made of natural wholefood ingredients.

Made with a delicious combination of gluten-free oats, seeds and coconut flakes, Nutribuddy shakes pack a punch nutrition-wise but are also super convenient.

We know the struggles involved in racing to lectures on time, as well as that constant battle between getting an extra 10 minutes in bed or making time for breakfast.

There’s no need to compromise anymore.

Simply mix up a Nutribuddy shake with water of a milk of your choice and breakfast is served.

Our stylish Nutribuddy shakes mean it’s easy to eat breakfast whilst on-the-go.

Quick & Affordable

Not only are our shakes super nutritious and convenient, they won’t break the bank either. Especially when coupled with your 40% discount.

A Nutribuddy meal will cost you from as little as 58p per meal.

Fast. Nutritious. And affordable.

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