NHS Discounts – Save 40% off Nutribuddy Meal Shakes (Now includes front line workers too)

Last Updated 10th September 2021

To thank our NHS workers who have been working tirelessly to keep the nation safe during the pandemic, we are offering NHS workers a 40% discount off all of our products.

In a nutshell, we’re offering convenient nutrition now at an amazing price. Our shakes can be mixed with water in seconds to produce a meal!

If you would like to take us up on this offer, please fill out this form here: https://nutribuddy.com/front-line-discount-application/

At this discounted rate, we do not make any profit and are just covering the costs of our small business.

40% off a 56 day Breakfast Shake pack works out at under 40p per meal.

We’d be grateful if anybody who is reading this could share this post so as many NHS workers as possible can see that we’d love to help them out!

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Post by Lewis

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