Pricing & Discount Update – Front Line Workers 1st Aug 2021

Sitewide Price Reductions!

We are always working hard to bring down the cost of Nutribuddy products in order to make healthy wholefood nutrition available to as many people as possible.

With this goal in mind, we have permanently reduced prices across the site by an average of 20%!

If you have a subscription it will automatically update to reflect our new lower pricing.

Frontline Discount Change

As a result of the reductions to our website pricing we need to adjust your Frontline discount from 50% to 40%. This change will be implemented around 31st July 2021.

On average you should still pay less than before!

Some example price changes:

HotSlim 14 day: Now: £9.99, Before: 13.99, Savings: 28.59%

Sculpting Protein 14 day: Now: £14.99, Before: 19.99, Savings: 25.01%

Breakfast 14 day: Now: £11.99, Before: 13.99, Savings 14.30%

We’ve had to keep the cost of a few of our lowest price products the same such as the glass jars & scoops.

If you’re a front line worker and don’t already have a front line account which automatically applies the front line discount, visit the link below to apply: