Nutribuddy’s Reusable Packaging Scheme

Last Updated 30th November 2021
Nutribuddy Meal Replacement Bundle in Reusable Tub

Nutribuddy products are now available in fully reusable packaging! In this guide, we will briefly explain how our reusable packaging scheme works.

What is Reusable Packaging?

Reusable packaging is type of product packaging which can keep being used over and over again. Once you have finished your Nutribuddy product, we will collect the packaging from you for free and reuse it.

Our reusable packaging containers are UK-made plastic tubs. They are sturdy (ensuring breakages are unlikely), light, food-safe and easy to clean.

How can I Buy A Product in Reusable Packaging?

Click on the product you wish to purchase on our shop page. Underneath the product flavour you should see a tick box which says “Reusable tub +£0.70 (refundable deposit)”. Click this and you will receive your product in reusable packaging.

Some products currently do not have reusable packaging options in stock. These products will not have a tick box.

Do I have to Buy A Product with Reusable Packaging?

No, we still have standard foil pouch packaging available for most products. If you do not tick the reusable packaging box, you will receive a foil pouch as default.

The only product which is only available in reusable packaging is our Pure shake.

How Does the Reusable Packaging Scheme Work?

Step 1: When you purchase a product in reusable packaging, you will be charged a 70p refundable deposit for the reusable container.

Step 2: When your parcel arrives, keep the cardboard box in a safe place to future use.

Step 3: Once you have received your products in their reusable packaging, you can either decant the contents into one of your own containers (we sell glass ones here) or use up your product in it’s reusable packaging.

Step 4: Once the reusable packaging is empty, place it into a cardboard box. When you have 5 or more reusable containers in the cardboard box, fill out this form and we will arrange a free home collection for the box of containers.

Step 5: Once you have chosen your collection date and the collection has been added to our system, print off your returns labels and apply it to the box. Then pop the sealed box of containers on your doorstep on your collection date.

Step 6: We will collect the box. You will receive back your 70p deposit per reusable container and we will give you an additional 3 Nutribuddy points (equivalent of £3) as a thank you for returning the packaging.

Once we have received the jars back at our small factory, we will wash them, sanitise them and refill them with more product for the next customer.

Nutribuddy Grab N Go Bundle in Reusable Tub

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