Meet The Nutribuddy Team


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The Nutribuddy team is made up of a bunch of animal-loving nutcases with a passion for the brand and its ethics. Come and meet our team!

Ella Nutribuddy Author Bio


Creative Visionary & Marketing Directer

I’m a sushi-obsessed, travel-loving cat-mom who one day had a vision about an eco-friendly health-food brand. A couple of years later Nutribuddy was born and I’ve been putting my everything into it ever since. With my much-loved kitty, Cookie, at my side, I spend my days continually trying to improve our range and brain-storm new ideas for a greener, more sustainable future!

Lewis Nutribuddy Bio


Serial Entrepreneur & Operations Director

I started in business at 17 years old, setting up my own organic box scheme, then moved to construction and then into internet marketing, then to supplements and finally health foods. I spend my time obsessing about every tiny detail of pretty much every aspect of the business – constantly improving our system and processes to deliver better products, better service and with minimal impact on the environment in order to build a new breed of world class business which stays true to its values. Hobbies include travelling the world.

Ema Nutribuddy Team


Head of Order Fulfilment

I like working for Nutribuddy as the products are very ethical and environmentally friendly. Within the team I love that everyone’s voice is heard when it comes to improving things within the business and that ideas are always taken on board. My passions include travelling and experiencing different cultures, and I really enjoy fashion. In my spare time I like going to the gym, reading mindfulness books, cooking/baking and spending time with friends and family.

Zoe Nutribuddy Team Profile


Head of Product Production

I’m passionate about making high-quality food products using vegan ingredients. As a vegan myself, I love how Nutribuddy aligns perfectly with my ethics. I take charge of the product production at Nutribuddy. I go to the gym and practice Hot Yoga as it keeps me active and healthy in my body and mind. In my spare time, I love to spend quality time with my friends and family. I have a passion for music and love all different types.

Robbie Nutribuddy Team Bio


Nutritional Advisor, Fulfilment & Warehouse Operative

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer with a keen interest in health and fitness. I love coming up with new ideas for the brand and even came up with the name ‘Nutribuddy’. I also take charge of the fulfilment and warehouse side of the brand. My hobbies include travelling, going to the gym and walking my dog, Lola.


Product Production Operative

I love working at Nutribuddy as I believe in all the products and they fit in with my healthy lifestyle. The team is amazing to work with and we all work together to bring the best service for the company. My passions and hobbies outside of work include going to the gym to keep myself fit and healthy. I also like to take long walks with my dog as I love nature and I also believe it’s amazing for my mindset. I also love socialising with my friends and family.


Content Writer & Editor

I’m a full-time Marketing Manager and Copywriter but also a qualified yoga teacher and keen runner; so I know a thing or two about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good dose of fitness! My previous roles include marketing and social media for the likes of the household names including the Cabinet Office and Aviva. Outside of work, I’m a Mum, passionate social rights campaigner and bookworm.

Artem Nutribuddy team bio


Server Manager

I started to work work in IT while was studying in university and still have a big passion for it. I graduated as a Master of Information Security. Investigating security issues is one of my favourite tasks! I like to dig in server logs and I hate routine tasks. Automation is my everything. I never stop to develop myself and to help others. My likes include snowboarding, motorbikes and my cat.


Nutritional Advisor

I’m an Educational nutritionist, registered with The Association for Nutrition in the UK, Co-developer of ‘Nourish you’ plant based weight loss programme, and owner of PassionateNutrition with a passion for plant based nutrition, and evidenced based health research.

Integrity is extremely important to me, and to have the pleasure of working with this young successful company has been fab! They are super conscious of keeping their products clean of nasties and safe for every consumer (even safe for pregnancy).

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