Is Nutribuddy Safe?

A scoop of Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake

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Here at Nutribuddy, we are strong believers in educating yourself thoroughly on anything you intend to consume – after all, what could be more important than your body and health?

As a result, you’ll find lots of articles right here on our site investigating numerous ingredients you may not have heard of or considered before, as well as giving transparent nutritional detailing on each of our products on their shop pages. 

Of course, when choosing a meal replacement shake, protein shake or other health food product, the primary and underlying question you need addressed first is: is it safe?

We’ve probed into this on lots of topics, but now we cover our own products to reveal all.

Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake's natural wholefood ingredients

Do Nutribuddy Products Have Any Side Effects?

There are six core products in the Nutribuddy range: the Breakfast Shake, Shake Complete, HotSlim, High-Protein Sculpting Shake, Instant Chia & Coconut Porridge and the Nutrient Booster.

Whilst each Nutribuddy product contains slightly different ingredients, there are some properties they all have in common.

All are entirely natural, containing nothing synthetic or manmade, all are vegan, all are lactose-free, all are sugar-free, all are gluten-free, all are GMO-free AND all are allergen-free.

The latter, a complete lack of allergens, means that unless you have a specific intolerance or allergy to an ingredient that isn’t common and is included in the product formulations, you can expect to have no negative health side effects as a result of regular and sensible consumption of Nutribuddy products.

The ingredients within Nutribuddy products are carefully selected to ensure they are free from any nasty side-effects.

We only use safe ingredients!

Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake and Shake Complete

Do Nutribuddy Products Promote Safe Weight Loss?


Unlike many other meal replacement shakes, Nutribuddy delivers a complete nutritional profile whilst never including laxatives (even natural ones).

This means that when consumed responsibly as part of an active and otherwise healthy lifestyle, you can expect weight loss to be sustainable and at a healthy rate with no sudden drops or dietary yo-yos. 

We always recommend using Nutribuddy shakes alongside a healthy, balanced diet in order to lose between 1lb and 2lbs per week which is considered a healthy rate by the NHS.

You can find out more information on how Nutribuddy products can help with weight loss by reading our in-depth guide here.

One ingredient found in Nutribuddy products is gluten-free oats.

Oats are rich in a soluble fibre known as Beta-Glucan, which partially dissolves in the water in your body.

It turns into a thick gel in the gut, essentially lining the gut walls to increase the feeling of being full (satiety) and therefore cut back on the risk of you feeling hungry and needing to snack again later.

Nutribuddy Shake by JustHelina
Nutribuddy Shake by JustHelina

Is Nutribuddy Safe to Use When Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

All Nutribuddy products have been formulated so that they’re entirely safe for those pregnant or breastfeeding.

We formulate all our products with the help of one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, Kelly.

Her years of experience and passion for nutrition means that she’s exceedingly thorough in her research and has a full overview of our formulation from concept right through to production.

Everything in Nutribuddy products, when consumed responsibly and as part of a healthy lifestyle, is perfectly safe to consume throughout pregnancy.

Some mothers-to-be even find that Nutribuddy shakes make it easy to ensure they’re getting a healthy, balanced diet even during periods that they feel quite sick and are averse to eating!

Nutribuddy Breakfast shake by Romylondonuk

Is Nutribuddy Safe to Use Alongside the Contraceptive Pill?

The answer is yes!

The contraceptive pill can have its effects rendered useless if the person taking it is either physically sick or experiences diarrhea.

Several meal replacement shakes contain laxatives, or natural ingredients which have laxative effects.

Nutribuddy products, however, don’t contain any laxatives at all – so your contraception will remain as effective as usual.

Laura Lucas with Nutribuddy Shake Complete

Is Nutribuddy Safe if You are Lactose-Intolerant?

Nutribuddy products are entirely vegan so contain no milk or dairy products; and therefore no lactose.

The shake powders can be mixed with your preferred milk alternative, although work just as well with standard cow’s milk should you not have an issue with lactose.

If you’re choosing to add anything else to your Nutribuddy shake and have an allergy or intolerance to lactose, be sure that that doesn’t contain any either!

Nutribuddy Shake Complete by JustHelina
Nutribuddy Shake Complete by JustHelina

Is Nutribuddy Safe if You are Gluten-Intolerant?

You may have noticed that Nutribuddy products frequently contain oats.

Oats, even when grown in a gluten-free environment, are difficult to keep completely uncontaminated as they’re so often processed in the same facilities as cereals containing gluten.

However, completely gluten-free oats aren’t impossible to find!

The oats found in Nutribuddy products are grown and processed in an entirely gluten-free facility and are tested regularly throughout the manufacturing process – so you can rest assured that they’re 100% gluten-free.

Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake by Laura Lucas

Is Nutribuddy Safe if You Suffer from IBS?

IBS is a complex condition and can surface in every individual differently.

As a clean-eating wholefood-only allergen-free mix, many IBS sufferers find Nutribuddy products beneficial.

Emily, who documents her IBS journey online sings the praises of Nutribuddy, which she finds lessen and ease her otherwise painful and debilitating symptoms.

Nutribuddy Shake Complete by JustHelina

I have a Dietary / Medical Requirement Not Listed Above. Is Nutribuddy Safe for Me?

If you have a specific health condition that you’re worried about, check the Nutribuddy FAQ to see if your question has already been covered.

You should always speak to your GP or healthcare professional before embarking on a new dietary or fitness routine, and if you have any particular questions on ingredients or formulations, get in touch with the Nutribuddy team.

We’re always happy to chat about nutrition and geek out on talking health!

Nutribuddy Shake Complete review by Laura Kate Lucas
Nutribuddy Shake Complete by Laura Lucas

The Bottom Line

Few products can claim to be vegan, lactose-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, gluten-free and allergen-free and still taste totally delicious whilst delivering a complete nutritional profile… but Nutribuddy can!

We work hard with our company nutritionist to ensure that Nutribuddy products are as clean and easy to digest as possible without making compromises on quality or flavour.

If you have any questions on how best adopt Nutribuddy into your diet or routine, just drop us a line.

Let’s talk nourishment!

Nutribuddy Shake Complete by JustHelina
Nutribuddy Shake Complete by JustHelina

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