How to Use Nutribuddy for Weight Loss

nutribuddy breakfast shake for weight loss

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Nutribuddy products are wholly nutritionally-balanced, meaning that they offer everything your body needs when consumed; so they can be used as meal substitutes in place of solid food meals or as a dietary supplement when an extra dose of vitamins and minerals is needed.

The nature of Nutribuddy products, being so perfectly proportioned diet-wise, is that they’re often used as part of a well-rounded lifestyle and are therefore ideal to help those looking to lose weight, tone up and build fitness levels.

Nutribuddy products are sustainable, vegan, and contain no laxatives or synthetic ingredients so are all natural and form part of a healthy weight loss solution.

In this article we explore which Nutribuddy products are best for weight loss and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle for the best results.

nutribuddy breakfast by alelifeofficial
Nutribuddy Breakfast by Alejandra’s Life

Which Nutribuddy Products are Best for Weight Loss?

Breakfast Shake

The Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake is our best-selling product – we’ve sold over a million of them to date!

What is the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake?

A vegan and all-natural meal replacement shake that takes just a couple of minutes to make, our Breakfast Shake is a nourishing blend of gluten-free oats, seeds and coconut. Only pure wholefoods are included with no artificial ingredients, no stabilisers, no thickeners and no emulsifiers. The blend used has been developed with nutritionists to ensure that it is all-encompassing for your dietary needs and will set you up perfectly for the day ahead.

How Do You Use the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake?

Just mix three scoops of the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake with 300-400ml of your chosen milk and shake. The drink is ideal for breakfast on-the-go and can be consumed direct from a shaker or at home in a normal glass or bowl.

How Can the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake Help with Weight Loss?

The Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake contributes to a sustainable and healthy rate of weight loss in several ways.

The first is through the inclusion of oats. Oats are one of the healthiest grains on the planet and contain lots of soluble fibre that slows the absorption of fat into the body and helps it pass through. Read more on our Ultimate Guide on How Oats Can Help Weight Loss.

What’s more, the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake is so well-measured nutritionally with the inclusion of so many fantastic natural ingredients that it will keep you fuller for longer than most breakfasts – even those made of solid food such as toast or cereal!

The satiety promoted by the unique blend will help you ensure that you don’t feel the need to snack later on in the day and instead can enjoy healthier dietary options when you do have the time to prepare a full meal. There is no better breakfast to kick-start your day and your metabolism!

chocolate Nutribuddy Breakfast shake in a jar
Nutribuddy Breakfast shake by Amber in A Teacup

High-protein Sculpting Shake

When looking for a weight loss aid, it may not be clear how a protein shake can help; after all, they’re the realm of bodybuilders aren’t they? Well, not just bodybuilders. Protein shakes can be used as a dietary supplement alongside a well-planned diet and exercise regime to help the body lose weight and not necessarily pump up big biceps or quads.

What is the High-Protein Sculpting Shake?

The Nutribuddy High Protein Sculpting Shake is an entirely natural and vegan low-calorie high protein shake that can be consumed either as a supplement or snack made with rice and pea protein.

How can the High-Protein Sculpting Shake help with Weight Loss?

Indeed the key ingredients of the shake really are its vegan proteins: rice protein, pea protein and hemp protein.

Entirely vegan and gluten-free, pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids and perhaps more importantly for weight loss, the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin is the ‘hunger hormone’, which makes you feel hungry, but also stimulates the release of the hormones that break down fat tissue and tone muscles. In the case of the Nutribuddy High Protein Sculpting Shake, the inclusion of gluten-free oats tackles the hunger and keeps you feeling full, allowing the consumer to benefit from the fat breakdown without the negative effect of ghrelin pushing the effort in the wrong direction.

What’s more, unlike lots of protein shakes on the market, the Nutribuddy High Protein Sculpting Shake is really easily digestible and completely allergen free. No matter your dietary requirements, it makes for a great snack that won’t throw your weight loss journey off track!

Nutribuddy High-protein Sculpting Shake
Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake by Bakey Doesn’t Bake


As the weather cools and Instagram fills with photos of comfy slippers, nails painted autumnal shades and mugs full of steaming hot chocolates and pumpkin spiced lattes, it’s difficult not to feel a pang of jealousy for a cosy warm drink. There’s no need to throw your weight loss goals off track though: opt instead for a Nutribuddy HotSlim.

What is HotSlim?

Nutribuddy HotSlim is a low-calorie and sugar-free hot drink mix that’s chocolatey, sweet and rich in antioxidants.

How does HotSlim Help with Weight Loss?

It rivals a creamy hot chocolate for taste but is packed with superfoods including matcha green tea (a weight loss aid that’s been used for generations and is proven to increase fat burn) and lucuma powder (a super-sweet zero-calorie sugar alternative that boosts the palette to keep things sweet).

Not many people realise it, but in seeking to embark on or to sustain a weight loss journey, it’s important to make sure that your dinner is the smallest meal of the day. This means that aside from treating yourself to a hot drink to combat your sweet cravings before bed, Nutribuddy HotSlim can also be used as a meal replacement for dinner.

Indeed, even though it’s a drink, the nutritional profile stands up to a homemade balanced meal, including 66% carbohydrates, 14% protein, 12% fibre and 8% vitamins and minerals; a blend developed by our in-house nutritionists to ensure an accurate nutritional range to nourish the body… even if it does taste like a rich hot choc!

HotSlim, Warm Organic Slimming Drink

The Best Bundle for Weight Loss: The Meal Replacement Bundle

Which Nutribuddy products will work best into your weight loss regime depends on your goals and how active and healthy the rest of your lifestyle is. If your weight loss journey is new, then the best way to identify the right meal replacement and dietary supplement for you is to try them all out.

The Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake offers a fantastic start to the day to promote lasting satiety until lunchtime, negating the need for snacks and treats ands the Nutribuddy HotSlim drink can curb a sweet tooth at dinnertime without derailing weight loss efforts.

Combined with a healthy degree of activity and exercise, the Nutribuddy Protein Sculpting Shake can help burn fat whilst toning muscle.

The Nutribuddy Meal Replacement Bundle is made up of all three of the above-mentioned products and so offers flexibility and a welcome variety for those looking to enter and/or maintain a healthy rate of weight loss.

All are vegan, gluten-free, ideal for on-the-go consumption and easily and quickly made up.

Meal Replacement Bundle

How Use Nutribuddy Products to Achieve Best Weight Loss Results

The key to maintaining a healthy weight loss rate and sustaining the body weight and tone is to integrate Nutribuddy products into a wider all-encompassing active lifestyle that incorporates great nutrition, time for personal wellbeing and development, enjoyable exercise, and plenty of fun!

Using a mixture of Nutribuddy products throughout your day can help give variety in your diet as well as offering easy and convenient food options as well as versatility.

Step 1: Breakfast Shake for a Nutritious, Filling Breakfast

Start your day with a Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake, and if you have time, make it up into a breakfast bowl! There’s an infinite amount of flavour combinations to play with so you can make something up to suit every mood. Try the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake in any of the six available flavours before choosing other ingredients to add in.

If you’re up a bit later than usual and need more of a brunch than a breakfast, indulge in some home-baking and try out one of Emma’s delicious Nutribuddy bakes!

The gluten-free oats within the shake keep you feeling full for the morning; no need to snack or slow down with this supplement.

Step 2: Use High-Protein Sculpting Shake as your Workout Buddy

When it’s time for your daily dose of exercise, no matter what it is, you can complement your efforts by giving your body an extra boost of protein. Remember, a brisk 30 minute walk counts as beneficial exercise!

The Nutribuddy High Protein Sculpting Shake is packed with vegan rice and pea proteins that rival traditional whey options easily and are by far the most nutritious plant-based protein options available.

Far from just being a product for bodybuilders or those looking to gain mass, protein has been proven to maintain the existing muscle mass you have, even as you lose the fat around it. This keeps you looking toned and fit even when you manage to shed some serious pounds.

Consume the Nutribuddy High Protein Sculpting Shake either 30-45mins before your exercise, or just after, as a recovery aid.

Nutirbuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake
Nutirbuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake by Bakey Doesn’t Bake

Step 3: Create a Nutritionally-Balanced Full Meal for Lunch

We are firm believers that you should not replace every meal with a shake. The key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle is through balance and that includes having at least 1 regular meal per day. We recommend using lunch for this opportunity.

If you don’t have time to make lunch in the day, try some meal-prepping and create something the night before. This then saves you time if you are rushing around at work or any other daily activities.

Step 4: End Your day with a HotSlim Drink

If you have the time and energy to create a nutritionally-balanced full meal for your dinner, do so, and enjoy. However, if not (and we’ve all been there… more often than we’d like to admit), then substitute your dinner for a sweet treat and enjoy a Nutribuddy HotSlim; an all-natural super-low-cal hot chocolate-tasting drink!

If you are getting in a good dinner, instead use Nutribuddy HotSlim to combat any sweet cravings and avoid unhealthy calorie-ridden snacks. It tastes just as good but is superfood-rich and nutritious: a win-win!

Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake by Laura Kate Lucas
Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake by Laura Kate Lucas

How Can I Boost My Weight Loss Results with Nutribuddy?

When using Nutribuddy products alongside your healthy, active lifestyle, it can be easy to become complacent – and it’s only natural that you’ll see your weight loss plateau after a while, as your body catches up and adjusts to its new size, shape and strength.

However, there are some things you can do to help give your routine a bit of ‘va-va-voom’, mix things up, and help boost your weight loss when you need to.

Make breakfast your largest meal of the day

The Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake contains gluten-free oats, which naturally promote satiety; that is, feeling full. If you’re not into just drinking your breakfast, experiment with adding fruit and seeds to the mix and play about with different recipes. You won’t need to snack and the nutrition you are taking in has the whole day to be absorbed and processed by your body.

This means, therefore, that your dinner should be the smallest of your three meals – simply because your body doesn’t have time to process it all before you go to sleep (yes, even if you do have a late bedtime!). Substitute your evening meal with a warming mug of Nutribuddy HotSlim for a few days and feel like you’re having dessert for dinner; even better!

Weigh yourself in the morning

Aside from the fact that you may feel tired and more irritable in the evenings, your body is still processing everything you’ve done during the day. Weighing yourself in the mornings is actually more accurate, as it gives you a baseline and is likely to fluctuate less.

Pink Protein Smoothie Bowl using Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake
Pink Protein Smoothie Bowl using Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake by Alice

Mix up your exercise regime

It doesn’t get easier, you get better – but also, your body gets used to it. Chop and change what you’re doing activity wise to give yourself a range of cardio exercise, strength training and stretches. Take advantage of ‘first session free’ offers at different clubs and classes and be sure to do something new every month if you can; so that you get a different fat burn and can focus on different areas of mass with some variety.

Play about with flavours

Don’t stick with one flavour of Nutribuddy product or shake just because you liked it once. There’s lots of flavours available with different superfood additives and different seed and protein combinations, so allow yourself some variety that still sits within a nutritional regime to encourage weight loss, muscle tone and good health… and tastes great!

Nutribuddy Customer with High-Protein Sculpting Shake

How Much Weight do Customer’s Lose with Nutribuddy?

How much weight you could lose with Nutribuddy is entirely reliant on your base weight, your body type, the effort you’re willing to make with a new regime and all of the wider lifestyle factors you’re choosing to take part in.

When looking to lose weight in a healthy way that is sustainable and can benefit your health rather than force your body into shock, it’s important to lose a little each week rather than speed up or slow down on loss rates.

In general terms, you should look to lose no more than 2lbs per week when consciously making the effort to lose weight.

This is a marathon, not a sprint: and it’s been proven time and time again that rapid weight loss leaves you more likely to put it back on at a later date, so the key is to find a body weight that can be easily maintained.

Nutribuddy customers are often keen to share their stories of success, so we have plenty to share that can help give an indication of realistic results. Rebecca used Nutribuddy shakes as part of her routine for two months, and after the first 8 weeks found that she’d lost 1 stone in weight and at least an inch from every body fat measurement she took!

Our Trustpilot reviews are full of similar stories, with 93% of reviews rating our products five stars. Vivienne writes that she’s “not felt any normal hunger pangs at all”, Jaye found on a ‘cheat day’ without the shakes that he “snacked constantly”, and Bridgette has “lost 3lbs whilst still feeling full!”.

There’s no need to take our word for it. Plenty of customers have reviewed Nutribuddy online and enjoyed reaping the nutritional benefits!

Take a look at dozens more Nutribuddy before and afters

Final Thoughts

There is no ‘miracle cure’ for carrying a few extra lbs, and no easy way to reach a toned and healthy body immediately. Your whole lifestyle needs to be well-rounded and active, and your nutrition content should be well-balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals. Nutribuddy products are all developed by nutritionists, to ensure that the blends used are harmonised perfectly to offer the optimum proportions of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Usually, to calculate the nutritional properties of a meal and then prepare and cook it, is an extremely laborious and time-consuming task. 

Nutribuddy products are much more convenient and provide all of that for you without the effort: leaving you to focus on exercise and wellbeing while still managing to enjoy tasty meals that contribute to your losing weight – so it’s clear why and how they’re used by so many!

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