4 Easy Ways to Earn Nutribuddy Points to Receive HUGE Discounts on Future Orders

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Did you know that here at Nutribuddy we have an incredible reward system? It’s called Nutribuddy points!

Here are some of the many ways that you can earn points with Nutribuddy which can make for some WHOPPING savings!

1. Earn £1 worth of points for every £10 you spend at nutribuddy.com!

For example, if you spent £50, you would earn £5 worth of points which you can use for a £5 discount next time you shop with us.

2. Post an Image of your Nutribuddy products on Instagram and earn £3 worth of points.

Just let us know when you have posted your image by sending us a link via email to support@nutribuddy.com and we will add the £3 points to your account.

Please note you can only claim your points on 1 Instagram image per month. But if you posted every month, that’s still quite a few points!

3. Write a review on our website (nutribuddy.com) and £1 worth of points will automatically be added to your account.

You can easily write a review on our website for the product you have purchased and the system will attribute the point to your account as soon as the review has been approved by our team.

4. Refer a friend and both you and your friend will earn £10 worth of points each.

Just send an email to support@nutribuddy.com with both your email and your friend’s email and we will send over your points.

Points REALLY DO add up!

Posting a photo on Instagram, writing a review and referring a friend will earn you a £9 discount. Then add that amount to the total you earned when you purchased from us and you will have a HUGE saving. Thing of all you can purchase with those points!

Points are valid for 6 months and can only be redeemed at nutribuddy.com. You can learn more about Nutribuddy points here.

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