3 Ways We Show Our Commitment to Helping the Environment

Nutribuddy Stainless Steel Scoop

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Creating products with the environment in mind is so important to us. Here are 3 ways where we are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

1. We only sell re-usable stainless steel scoops

When we first launched Nutribuddy, we used to give out plastic scoops with every order. Many shake companies still do this. This was bad for the environment for several reasons. First of all, customers ended up with far more scoops than they need and some brand new scoops will therefore never get used. Secondly, plastic isn’t a robust material meaning that these scoops don’t last a lifetime, breaking or deteriorating easily.

In 2020 we made the pledge to completely phase out these plastic scoops and now sell re-usable scoops made from a high grade of stainless steel. You can buy as many as you like and as the quantity is up to you, you won’t end up with more than you will ever need.

We are confident these scoops will last you a lifetime!

2. We use eco-friendly packaging

We believe reuse is the best form of recycling.

Our flagship zero packaging product is Nutribuddy Pure which comes in a reusable glass container. We collect the empty container free of charge, wash, sanitise and re-use it.

Learn more about our plans to move the rest of our products to re-usable packaging in the next few months.

All packaging materials that we send out are recyclable from the cardboard box to the bubble wrap and jar air sack.

Any small orders that are too little for a box will be sent out in a compostable bag. This is made of plant fibre and if you put it in your green waste bin or on your compost heap it will break down naturally.

Nutribuddy Eco-PlantMilk

3. We launch revolutionary products made with the environment in mind

We’re always looking to create environmentally-friendly solutions to common problems. Our Eco-PlantMilk (powdered vegan milk) is one of these revolutionary solutions.

Compared to regular vegan milks, this amazing product helps to reduce food waste by having a lengthy shelf-life even once opened, requires far less energy to produce and transport, and is made with the most eco-friendly vegan milk alternative ingredient – oats!

For more information about the environmental aspects of vegan milk, check out our blog post here.

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