On a mission to reinvent the health food industry

Hi there! I'm Ella - the founder of Nutribuddy

Whilst studying at university, I became frustrated by large corporations who seemed to only care about their profit margins and who only gave lip-service to values whilst often doing the opposite behind the scenes. Who talk about healthy products whilst adding artificial additives, and who talk about caring for the environment whilst launching new products with single-use plastics or using palm oil.

I dreamt about creating a product and a brand which had integrity, which put customers and the environment first through creating truly healthy products with respect for our planet. You can read more about my decision to set-up Nutribuddy here.

My mind was alive with countless ideas that I couldn't wait to solidify. Many months, sleepless nights and maybe a couple of caffeine overdoses later (I love tea okay), Nutribuddy was born.


Nutribuddy's Values

I developed Nutribuddy with these 3 core values in mind:

To only sell products made with the finest quality, genuinely healthy ingredients.
To sell products that YOU will love and that make YOU happy
To make vegan products with the environment in mind


5 Reasons Why Our Products Are The Best

Nutribuddy Breakfast shake's natural wholefood ingredients

1. All our products are vegan

There are so many benefits in consuming vegan products like ours.

Studies suggest that opting to consume more vegan products is kinder for our planet. Even switching out one meal per day for a 100% vegan meal (such as one of our shakes) can make a huge difference.

But there's more to veganism than the environment.

Studies have found that those on a vegan diet are more likely to lose weight than those who aren't. This suggests that vegan ingredients are more likely to aid with weight loss than non-vegan ingredients.

As well as helping to keep you in shape, there are a whole host of health benefits associated with vegan foods. You can read more about them on our guide to veganism here.

Nutribuddy Stainless Steel Scoop in Glass Jar

2. We do not use any major allergens

We don't think anyone should have to miss out on the benefits of our shakes, which is exactly why we avoid using any major allergens in our products.

All our oats are certified gluten-free and the other ingredients that we use are naturally allergen-free.

If you do have an allergy however, we would always recommend double-checking the ingredient list as some small ingredients used in our shakes are packed on premises that may handle allergens. A disclaimer will be visible on those which have ingredients packed in premises that contain allergens.

Nutribuddy Shake by JustHelina

3. Our formulas are 100% natural

Often a product may brag about its natural ingredients but then, as you scroll through their lengthy ingredient list, you notice a lot of complex ingredient names and have no idea what they are.

Sadly, they're not as natural as they make out, including a host of artificial ingredients such as bulking agents, preservatives, stabilisers and even artificial sweeteners such as sucralose.

At Nutribuddy, we pride ourselves in using ZERO artificial ingredients.

Our ingredient lists are small, containing familiar favourites such as gluten-free oats and flaxseeds.

Our products are sweetened using the highest-quality stevia which comes from the stevia plant. It's a zero calorie sweetener and some studies suggest it has some health benefits too. Score!

We also shun artificial vitamin blends, opting instead to give you vitamins and minerals from wholefoods. There are so many reasons why nutrients from wholefoods are far superior to artificial vitamin blends. You can read all about them here.

We take things a step further again and ensure that no artificial ingredients are used in the ingredients we are purchasing. Our desiccated coconut is free from sulphur dioxide and our sea salt comes without anti-caking agents which are often added.

4. Our ingredients are ethically-sourced

We're passionate about keeping our carbon-footprint as low as possible, and about supporting ethical farming practises. That's exactly why we take these factors into consideration when searching for ingredient suppliers.

Although we are not certified as organic (you can read all about why we are not certified organic here), we use organic ingredients where possible. Of the ingredients which are not organic, they have still been grown as naturally as possible with minimal pesticide use.

Our gluten-free oats come from farms in UK and Europe, meaning the oats don't have to travel vast distances to get to our small factory.

Our flaxseeds are sourced from a small family-run business in UK who specialise in UK-grown flaxseeds.

All our ingredients are non-GMO.

Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake and Shake Complete

5. We only use ingredients which are genuinely good for you

We've all heard that 'natural doesn't mean healthy', haven't we? And that is true! There are many natural ingredients out there that come with side effects. Just take a look at caffeine or senna leaves (a natural laxative).

We work alongside one of the UK's leading nutritionists, Kelly, to ensure that we only include ingredients which have fantastic nutritional profiles and which even have some health benefits.

Our oats are rich in antioxidants, can promote feelings of satiety and studies suggest they can help lower cholesterol levels and assist with blood sugar.

You can find a list of all ingredients we use here, as well as more information on how they can assist with our health.


4 Reasons We Are Confident You Will Love Shopping With Nutribuddy

1. We offer a 31-day Happiness Guarantee

If you are on the fence about whether or not to try Nutribuddy out of fear that you may not get on with our products, don't worry! We have you covered!

We are so confident that you will love our products that all orders are covered by our 31-day Happiness Guarantee. This means that if you are not a fan of something, you are entitled to either a free replacement or a refund.

You can find out more about our happiness guarantee here.

Nutribuddy products by StylebyDeb

2. We have a generous reward system

We want to give back to customers which is why we decided to create a reward system called 'Nutribuddy Points'. 1 Nutribuddy point equates to a £1 discount on anything in our online store.

There are so many ways to earn Nutribuddy points! The simplest is simply by placing an order with us. You will earn 1 point (£1 discount) for every £10 you spend.

There are other exciting ways to earn points too, such as by leaving us a review on our website (3 points), sharing an image of your products on social media (3 points) or by referring a friend (10 points each). Here is a blog post on 4 easy ways to earn Nutribuddy points.

You can find out more about Nutribuddy points here.

Ella McKendrick with Nutribuddy Eco-PlantMilk

3. You receive unlimited FREE shipping on your second order onwards

Once you have placed your first with us, you will automatically become a Nutribuddy VIP and will get unlimited FREE 2nd class shipping on all orders.

After ordering 2 times or more, your account will be upgraded further to VIP + where you will get unlimited FREE 1st class shipping on all orders.

This reward applies to regular account types only. Click here to find out more about if you are eligible.

4. Friendly and helpful support

We pride ourselves in offering the best support in the industry. Nothing is more important to us than your happiness, which is why we make it our mission to go above and beyond to assist with whatever you require.

Our dedicated support team is one of the many reasons that we have over 500 5 star reviews on Trustpilot.

You can contact our support team via email or DM on social media.

Our customer service team works Monday – Friday and aims to respond within 24 hours of receiving your message.

You can find more information on how to contact our support team here.


3 Ways We Show Our Commitment to Helping the Environment

Nutribuddy Stainless Steel Scoop

1. We only sell re-usable stainless steel scoops

When we first launched Nutribuddy, we used to give out plastic scoops with every order. Many shake companies still do this. This was bad for the environment for several reasons. First of all, customers ended up with far more scoops than they need and some brand new scoops will therefore never get used. Secondly, plastic isn't a robust material meaning that these scoops don't last a lifetime, breaking or deteriorating easily.

In 2020 we made the pledge to completely phase out these plastic scoops and now sell re-usable scoops made from a high grade of stainless steel. You can buy as many as you like and as the quantity is up to you, you won't end up with more than you will ever need.

We are confident these scoops will last you a lifetime!

2. We use eco-friendly packaging

We believe reuse is the best form of recycling.

Our flagship zero packaging product is Nutribuddy Pure which comes in a reusable glass container. We collect the empty container free of charge, wash, sanitise and re-use it.

Learn more about our plans to move the rest of our products to re-usable packaging in the next few months.

All packaging materials that we send out are recyclable from the cardboard box to the bubble wrap and jar air sack.

Any small orders that are too little for a box will be sent out in a compostable bag. This is made of plant fibre and if you put it in your green waste bin or on your compost heap it will break down naturally.

Nutribuddy Eco-PlantMilk

3. We launch revolutionary products made with the environment in mind

We're always looking to create environmentally-friendly solutions to common problems. Our Eco-PlantMilk (powdered vegan milk) is one of these revolutionary solutions.

Compared to regular vegan milks, this amazing product helps to reduce food waste by having a lengthy shelf-life even once opened, requires far less energy to produce and transport, and is made with the most eco-friendly vegan milk alternative ingredient - oats!

For more information about the environmental aspects of vegan milk, check out our blog post here.


Meet the Team

Ema Nutribuddy Team

So much hard work goes into Nutribuddy from the planning and preparation, to the manufacturing and quality control. From the fulfilment and organisation, to the marketing and customer service. It really is one big operation! Nutribuddy wouldn't be half of what it is without the care and dedication from all its team members.

Are you ready to meet the team? We have a whole page on our team members here. So come and meet them. They don't bite... much!

We also have special mentions to our Nutribuddy team mascots including Cookie the feline and Lola the golden retriever.