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Smash Your Goals

Whilst Nurturing Your Health

Free from artificial ingredients, animal products and major allergens, Nutribuddy shakes help you take control of your health.

Whether you want to lose weight, relieve IBS or improve your overall health, our shakes can help.

Shake Complete alongside its natural whole-food ingredients


Made with 100% natural wholefoods

Vegan Milk

Just add water for delicious plant-based drink


Best value, curated to help you smash your goals

Reusable Packaging

We collect the packaging, wash, sanitise and re-use it


Ideal companions for your products

Nurture Your Health.

Made from Unprocessed Wholefoods
Only real foods go into our shakes. Absolutely nothing else.
Free from Artificial Vitamin Blends
Most shakes contain artificial vitamins which are harder to absorb than wholefoods. That's why our products are 100% wholefoods.
Gentle on Your Stomach
Free from major allergens & animal products, ideal for those with allergies or who suffer from IBS.
Superior Nutrition to Typical Cereals
Nutribuddy's ground ingredients are more easily absorbed than cereals. When ground, many ingredients also release more nutrients.
Bella with Nutribuddy Breakfast shake and Eco-PlantMilk

Reach Your Goals.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve IBS, gain weight, increase energy levels or improve your health, we can help. Our shakes have helped hundreds of customers reach their goals.

Care For The Planet

With The most Eco-Friendly Shakes Available

Created with Renewal Energy
All shakes are made at our Manchester Eco-factory, powered by 100% renewable energy.
Reusable Packaging
Re-use is the best form of recycling so we’re moving all our products to reusable packaging. Learn more.
100% Vegan
All products in our range are 100% vegan. Kind to your health. Kind to the planet.
Sustainable Ingredients
Local, non-GMO ingredients from trusted suppliers.
Kelly Rose, Nutribuddy's Nutritionist

Nutritionist Approved

Kelly is an educational nutritionist, registered with The Association for Nutrition in the UK, working with Nutribuddy to ensure all products have great nutritional values and are genuinely good for you.

Experience Our Insanely Great Rewards.

Happiness Guarantee

If you are unhappy with something, you are entitled to a replacement or refund. Learn more.

Generous Rewards
Earn discounts for every £ spent. Learn more about Nutribuddy points.
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Get unlimited free shipping on your second order onwards. Learn more.
Industry-Leading Support
We're here to help! Contact our friendly support team here.

No. 1 for customer satisfaction.

The best rated shake company.

Join the growing Nutribuddy family to experience the positive impact Nutribuddy can make to your health and wellbeing.

Trustscore 4.8 | Based on 500+ reviews

Slide Great shakes...Full of goodness I have tried a range of flavous of Nutribuddy shakes, I like them all but I especially love the vanilla crunch and smooth chocolate for breakfast and the chocolate sculpting shake for lunch or after a workout. The oat milk is great for me as a carer as I don't have think about cartons of coconut or hazelnut milk, just add water and its good to go. I always add a scoop of nutrient booster too. I have tried a few different protein or meal replacement shakes in the past but Nutribuddy is definitely the best by far, full of goodness! Slide Amazing!! From the very first order I placed with Nutribuddy to date. I have had amazing service. If I had any questions I would ask and the team replied and answered all my questions promptly. The shakes are amazing! I love that I can have them on the go in the mornings or afternoon when I don’t get time to eat. I’ve lost half a stone just by drinking a shake instead of having breakfast. All the ingredients in the shakes are pure and natural. I have so much more energy since drinking the shakes. Slide I can’t recommend Nutribuddy enough I can’t recommend Nutribuddy enough. The products are fantastic, really delicious, eco-friendly and all natural. Their customer care is also unmatched, they have sorted any problems I have had without hesitation and really seem to care about their customers. I absolutely love the products and think the company is doing everything right! Slide I was a notorious breakfast skipper! Due to a hectic morning with work and nursery runs. I really needed something that was minimal effort and easy! I came across your brand and saw the price was so much more cheaper than others! I’m so glad I did and wished I started them earlier, I have been having the breakfast shakes for around 2 weeks now and I’m very impressed, they keep me full until I get home from work I’m never bloated from them, I have subscribed so I’m looking forward to definitely keeping them from now on...

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