The yummy, low-calorie weight loss shake!


The yummy, low-calorie weight loss shake!


Returns Guarantee: 31 Days


Returns Guarantee: 31 Days

How I help you

I'm made mainly of whey protein - a byproduct of cheese. I'm high in protein, low in calories and super filling! At 115 per serving, I make an excellent snack or meal replacement, satisfying your hunger and sweet tooth.

I also contain some metabolism boosting ingredients: green tea and guarana. These little guys help you burn food at a faster rate and give you more energy which you can use to work out.

I'm 100% natural, sugar-free and made of non-GMO ingredients so I'm super healthy!

How To Use Me

Take 30g of me per day, at whatever time of the day suits you. I can be taken as a meal replacement or a snack replacement.

The easiest way to take me is to mix me with 300ml of milk, water or a milk substitute in your Nutribuddy shaker and shake to your satisfaction!

Alternatively, you can make a really exciting smoothie with me. There are lots of great smoothie recipes included in our Recipe Book.

Some adventurous folk may decide to make breakfast or a dessert with me! Again, we have many recipes in our Recipe Book to accommodate for this.

Subscribe & Save up to 30%

Commitment-free. You can cancel any-time

By default, your Nutribuddy purchase is a single, one-off payment. However, we have now introduced the option to subscribe to a 3, 4, 6 or 12 shipment package and save up to 30%.

We understand it can be frustrating and time-consuming ordering your next batch of Nutribuddy products as your current batch ends. It can be stressful timing the arrival of your new batch with the ending of your current batch. That's why we have come up with our subscribe and save option!

What is Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save is a subscription to a 3, 4, 6 or 12 kit plan, and as a result of your subscription, you receive up to 30% discount on each of your kits which you have subscribed to.

You can customise each of your kits to determine what flavour Sculpting Whey you get and also how frequently you wish to receive your kits.

Payment for each of the kits will be made just before each kit is shipped out to you. So, payment for your first kit will be taken immediately. Then, payment for your second kit will be taken just before it is shipped out to you. The same goes for any additional kits.

The subscription only lasts for the number of kits you have chosen, so once you have received your final kit, no further payments will be made and no further kits will be shipped out to you, unless you renew your subscription.

You can cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription easily at any time by logging into your account. However, please note that if you cancel before you have received your first 3 kits, you will lose your subscribe & save discount on any kits you have already received.

More information can be found in our terms and conditions.


26 reviews for Sculpting Whey Shake

  1. This is a great product. It tastes yummy, mixes really well and comes in pretty packaging. I ordered a 7-day supply, as other protein brands have left me disappointed in the past. However I will definitely be re-ordering. I can’t wait to try out the chocolate flavour and the breakfast shake next.

  2. I ordered the vanilla flavour and compared to other different brands of shakes I’ve had, I must say that this one is pretty tasty. I’m able to drink it mixed with water whereas with other shakes I couldn’t bear the taste of it.

    I have this shake a as replacement for a snack as I’m always hungry and I feel it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet.

  3. I’ve just purchased the vanilla flavour and it’s delicious! Looking forward to trying the chocolate one next. Thanks Nutribuddy!

  4. I’ve used the 30 day purchase and I’ve lost a fabulous 13lbs and I feel amazing. 100% recommend, I mix mine with water and replace it for lunch, it keeps me full and go to the gym. Easy to shake and it tastes really nice, I got vanilla and I’ve just purchased another 30 day pack!

  5. Started using, absolutely love it, will order more products soon.

  6. I usually cant drink protein shakes because of the horrible aftertaste but this one is amazing. You can’t taste the powder at all, it just tastes like a vanilla milkshake and really filling. Goes well in smoothies too. The bottle is great and mixes really well, really recommend the recipe book as that has some great shake recipes! Will continue using!

  7. Fantastic product really gives you the results you want ! Also a very fast working shake !!!!

  8. I bought the chocolate flavour and I must say, it definitely tastes better with almond milk than water. I’ve also mixed it into my porridge which was really tasty! Haven’t been using it long enough to notice a difference yet, it’s only been a few days but it tastes great!

  9. I am doing really well. This has been the only protein shake I can actually drink and enjoy.

    So far I am feeling a difference and I would definitely recommend it.

  10. Started using them Tuesday and all is going good so far 🙂

    Shakes are shakes are delicious and I feel great!!

  11. A great protein shake. Ordered it in the chocolate flavour. Speedy delivery. Looking forward to starting my weightloss program.

  12. I have had many whey powders in the past and non have tasted this lovely. Often they leave a bitter aftertaste but not this product. I have already used it in a shake as well as in a smoothie. I will certainly be buying this again and bonus that is gluten free as i intolerant!

  13. Started using Nutribuddy
    Love how easy it is to just shake and mix

  14. Started it on Monday, loving it so far and it’s very tasty!

  15. On day 2! All good so far, I am using nutribuddy as a lunch replacement, very filling and tasty! Looking forward to making a shake using the recipe book !

  16. Started using the shakes as a dinner time meal replacement last Thursday along with a healthy diet & good exercise regime. Feeling great so far!! Brilliant product, would definitely reccomend!

  17. Started using it – all good! Would like more flavour options (banana would be fab).

  18. Such a good protein powder! Great tasting and works wonders

  19. I’ve tried quite a few different diets and shake plans and nothing has worked until now!

    The whey protein tastes lovely, I don’t feel hungry at all, the recipes are great and it’s actually working. I’ve lost 6lb this week already and I’m so pleased!

  20. I’ve been using nutribuddy for nearly 4 months now along with a balanced low carb diet. Not only am loosing the weight I am also toning. I have tried both flavours and find them very enjoyable either on their own or mixed in a smoothie or a lovely hot chocolate. Since starting this journey I have dropped nearly two clothes sizes. It has now become part of the my healthy eating regime.

  21. It’s really nice

  22. A month in and totally loving the shake. Tried the recipes in the book and really pleased with the results. Flavour brilliant and filling. Started with vanilla and then added the Chocolate. Either for lunch or as a snack. Really feel the benefit after the gym. This is such a brilliant way of loosing the initial pounds and kick starting your new you

  23. I’ve been using Nutribuddy for just over a week now. I ordered the vanilla shake and I have to say it tastes really good, particularly when compared to other “vanilla” flavoured protein shakes.
    I use the shake along side a balanced diet, and particular take it after workouts or jogs as a protein boost. The powder mixes well with almond milk or water, particularly with the help of the metal mixer ball that comes in the bottle. The bottle itself is also a nice size and the strap is handy to bring the bottle out on jogs too.
    So far so good, tasty and definitely worth a try for those who want to lose weight or tone up.

  24. Really enjoying the Nutribuddy vanilla protein whey. It tastes and smells amazing! I’ve been using it to make fruit smoothies with soya milk and it’s full of flavour. The vanilla flavour is very versatile as I have used it in other recipes also, for example porridge. Comes in lovely packaging – all my friends have commented on it asking me where I have got it from! Would definitely recommend!

  25. Thank you for a great service and speedy delivery. I have been using NutriBuddy for just over 2 weeks and it definitely has helped me on my weight loss journey. I ordered the Vanilla flavour and it tastes wonderful. The best Protein shake I have tried! I look forward to trying the chocolate flavour. Highly recommend NutriBuddy!

  26. Only a week or so into using the sculpting whey as a meal replacement (lunch) but have already lost around 3lb. Very happy with both the whey and the bottle. I got chocolate- flavour not as rich as some others that I have tried however does mix a lot easier than others. Overall very happy with the product!

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